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358 copic color set for Manga Studio 5

color sets for manga studio 5 (.cls files) - I just found the copic color chart online and put them all into files. I created:

1) A warm grey set
2) A cool grey set
3) A toner grey set
4) A neutral grey set
5) A full set of the current 358 copic colors (including the grey sets)

I zipped the .cls files altogether and here you go... enjoy.

EDIT: As someone was kind enough to point out below :iconpauljholden: was kind enough to link here via his blog and provide a downloadable Copic Brush to boot! here is the link to his blogpost:…

EDIT #2: I have hundreds of faves and can't possibly go back and thank everyone for taking the time to fave this deviation as I do with my art... just know I appreciate it every time it's shared.
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Can someone who downloaded it send me the file please?

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Hope you don't mind if I use this for digital art, do you?

I'm always having trouble with skin tones in digital art.
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Thank you for making this, I just imported it to my Manga Studios5 and I'll experiment with it:)
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Hi! My old link is no longer active, but there is a new link:…

Apologies to anyone who went to the old website and found it dead!
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It says that it doesn't exist anymore :(
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These are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you! Love +fav 
Thank you very much for this :)
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I love your copic color. Thanks  rt
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I like this alot THanks ScruffyScribbler 
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How do you use it? like after downloading what next
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Fantastic! Thank you. :-D
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Never tried Copics IRL but i've always wondered how'd they work with my coloring style! :) Thanks for Posting this! Really do appreciate it
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Thank you for making these, it's very helpful!
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As a Copic loving CSP user, I thank you. ^^
ok I have already see it, thanks a lot for your work!
I can't see the link to download the cls files (The link to the blog with sut file yes)... sorry, I'm new...
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I love this!!!!! thanks a lot!
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thank u so much, its so cool : )
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Thanks my friend!
Thank you so much!
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Beautiful color set! Thank-you so much for providing this!
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thank you so much!  much needed!
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