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Nanotechnological Tuesday



A submission to the B Movie contest over at ([link])

I used the "B-Movie Generator" ([link]) and got a number of hilarious results. This one though, when I read it, it just popped in my head, what the poster should look like. The angle, the grass and sky, even that the text should be yellow. It was weird. :P

And now for the other contest requirements:

Title: Nanotechnological Tuesday
Year: 1999
Tagline 1: "It's Tuesday. Do you know where your nanites are?"
Tagline 2: "No longer human. Not yet robot. Already unsafe."

Plot: In the not-too-distant future, mankind has developed impressive new technologies. But the pace of advancement has outrun both ethics and common sense.
After a large segment of the population received a batch of "bad" nanites, they were marked, and given additional nanite treatments to keep them docile.
On Tuesday, the docility ends.

James, a marked nanite carrier, who works as a drone in a large corporate office.
Victoria, his wife, who's remained with him, hoping to someday get her old husband back.
Don, the boss at work, who stirs up the initial conflict with James, until James finally snaps, overriding his docility controls.
David, the young government agent sent to bring James down, who finds himself facing more than he bargained for.
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Been looking through the other entries, and I have to say this is Damn Awesome. Wish I could actually use 3D properly :\