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Zeon's Quest- Follow the Light

For several reasons, lately, I haven't really had the inspiration to draw digitally. But, there is someone on my server (Who I dont talk to because I am a shy potato) who draws a lot and, does a lot of things, and I find that really inspiring, so, she made me start wanting to draw again. Oh. Also like, Someone I dislike said my art is low effort to someone else behind my back, among other things, and that pissed me off, and I got petty, so, that prolly is another reason why I want to draw more, cause, the same thing has happened before multiple times.
I guess Commissions and Art trades are not my thing, I get so scared of messing them up that I don't do them for long periods of time. Whiccchhh is not guuddddd at allllll. Not for me wanting to draw, or the people who want commissions. So, I am just going to close them for mostly everyone, except Patreons, tho, who knows when or if I am ever going to open them. Maybe when I find a style I can settle down with.
Doing school work or art for myself is more up my ally. "It is for me, so, I can mess it up and experiment with it as much as I want" basically, pff. Which is what this picture is! An experiment! Also, Zeon's eye color is now Green and will stay green cause it is cute. I still have a lot to learn about digital art and how to do it. I kinda stagnated for a few years digital art wise, so, I have a lot of catching up to do, and a lot to play with >:3

This picture is NOT brought to you by skillshare, follow the link on any random youtube vid that mentions it to get 2 months for- lol, ok, I'll stop.
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There was an atempt at the end of the describtion
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But it’s oppsite day.
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was there ever a new chapter
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Kinda? I accidentally skipped a chapter, so, I added it in to an existing chapter a few months ago, after I found out.
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This is amazing, great work, glad you decided to draw this
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outstanding owo
I'd love this in a wallper ver. and ver. without text so ppl can add text them selfs 
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Look at those cute vee eyes OwO
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Looks like the pettiness paid off! This is really good!

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That's really cute ^^ Wonderful work.
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