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Lucius Malfoy x Reader Marriage Law Chapter 6
Lucius Malfoy x Reader - Marriage Law
Chapter 6
When you were processing the fact that Draco had managed to find Harry Potter, Draco had calmed down.  Lucius on the other hand was far from calm - he had put two and two together and his rage at a Magical child (especially a very famous one) being devalued in such a way by his Muggle relatives was enough to get the wheels in his head spinning.
At this point, Orion decided that he had inflicted enough pain on his perch; he spread his wings and flew over to your shoulder.  He settled there looking quite proud of himself.
"(Name), please take Draco and Harry to the Malfoy Manor.  I shall be there shortly."
The Silencing Spell lifted as you nodded and tentatively moved towards Harry.  His cousin was unintentionally acting as a shield for Harry.  It seemed that the cousin relied on intimidation and tantrums to get his way - which may prove to be a problem for you, Draco and Harry.
"You can't take him!" The obese Muggl
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Peter Hale x Reader - Request for Pigletgirl
Peter Hale x Reader
AN: Reader is a fox shifter and is about the same age as Derek.  This was requested by Pigletgirl and I hope you enjoy.  This is set around Season 4.
Scott couldn’t help the curling of his lip or the growls that rumbled through his chest when he saw you standing next to Derek and laughing with him.  At Scott’s growl, you and Derek both turned around and Derek raised an eyebrow.
Scott growled again and your eyes briefly flashed a greenish yellow before returning to your normal eye colour. Thankfully, Stiles was amazed at the fact that Derek aka Sour wolf was actually laughing. “Who are you? Why is Scott growling so much?  It’s like someone’s starting a motorbike. How did you manage to make the Derek Hale laugh?  I thought he only had two facial expressions, frown and frown deeper.”
You raised your hands in a pacifying gesture.  “From what Derek has told me, you must be Stiles Stilinski – Sc
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Disney Hades x Female! Norse Goddess! Reader
Disney Hades x Female Norse Goddess Disney Reader
AN: Reader is Loki’s twin. This is a request from EgyptianQueenRaven.
The first time you met, he was to be your husband.
You were sparring with Loki, Thor and the Warriors Three when the Allfather called for a halt to the battle and beckoned you, Thor and Loki to follow him.  You walked down the corridors with the Allfather silently until he stopped outside of a room and looked at the three of you.  
“These Gods are different to us.” The Allfather began, “As such, our traditions are foreign to them and theirs to us, however there is one tradition that is the same in both our societies.”
The Allfather looked at you as did Loki.
“No!  Father, you cannot!”
“Don’t dare tell me what I can do, boy!” The Allfather roared.
A sense of dread filled you.
“What? Loki, what is he talking about?” Thor demanded.
“The Allfather wishes to unite us and the Olympi
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Two Worlds Collide - Ch11 - HP x PJO/HoO x Reader
Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus x Harry Potter x Reader Chapter 11
When you entered Albus’ office, you were shocked into standing still.  The office was amazing – you never would get used to what magic was capable of doing.  The office itself was circular with slowly stirring portraits and on the table in front of the Headmaster’s chair were a variety of silvery magical tools.
Your eyes went to your brother and he gestured for you to sit down in a chair that he had conjured.  Albus’ eyes held a hint of mischief as he examined you, “I have noticed you are becoming used to Severus’ ever changing moods.  He is a complex individual.”
“You don’t need to tell me twice.  Just as I think I’m beginning to understand him, his behaviour shifts and I’m back at square one where I feel like I don’t know anything about him.”
Albus chuckled, “He is a guarded individual.  Events in both Sly
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Teen Wolf x Reader Rules
Teen Wolf x Reader Rules
AN: Established (but the pack isn’t happy about it) Peter Hale x Reader. Reader is of the age of consent.
#1 – Always knock before going into the loft. – Lydia.
-My eyes! – Stiles.
-She warned you! – Scott, Malia and Kira.
-I didn’t think I’d see that! – Stiles.
-See what? – Liam.
-Nothing! – Kira, Scott and Stiles.
-Peter and (Name) were on the couch and they were…- Malia.
-I have temporarily acquired Malia’s pen. – Lydia.
#2 – If we tell you to stay away from something, DON’T RUN TOWARDS IT! – (Name).
- IT WAS GLOWING! – Stiles and Scott.             
- It roared at me! – Peter and Malia.         
- In human form it flirted with me. – Stiles.
- Shouldn’t have that been your first clue? – Peter.         
- It flirted with you too.
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Star Wars x Reader Preferences Movie Night
Star Wars Preferences
Movie Night
Movie nights had seemed like such a good idea at the time.  Between your commitments to Torchwood and Qui-Gon’s commitments to the Jedi Order, a movie night sounded like a fantastic way to unwind.
Except for the fact that when the rest of the Torchwood members heard about the movie night, they wanted to be part of it too.  It took about thirty minutes for you all to decide on a movie, then another ten minutes was wasted when Jack wouldn’t share his popcorn with Gwen and Ianto finally stopped the fight by using an air horn.
The movie itself wasn’t bad but in the middle of it, Jack decided he was bored and left.   He came back sometime later and unexpectedly jumped onto your lap.  You shrieked and punched him on the nose.  Gwen was cheering, Ianto was pinching the bridge of his nose and Qui-Gon was still trying to watch the movie.
All the noise and commotion drew your cat into the room.  Ianto had
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Lucius Malfoy x Reader Marriage Law Chapter 5
Lucius Malfoy x Reader Marriage Law
Chapter 5
AN: Draco is 3 years old from this point.
It was two months into the courtship of you and Lucius Malfoy.  Although you two haven’t had an official date yet, Lucius and Draco have visited your home on several different occasions and today, you would be visiting Malfoy Manor for the first time. You would be visiting the Manor in the afternoon as Draco was attending a Wizarding Playgroup in the morning.
You couldn’t deny that Lucius was attractive but you were also beginning to see the depths to him.  He was intelligent, a master of politics and devoted to his son.  Speaking of Draco, the boy was initially shy and reserved the first few visits to your House but had opened up quite a lot.  Last week, he had demonstrated his magic, much to the delight of Lucius and your Mother.
Your Father was still slightly wary of Lucius and his beliefs and your sister was stressing out due to the fact that her meeting with her
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Lucius Malfoy x Reader Marriage Law Chapter 4
Lucius Malfoy x Reader Marriage Law
Chapter 4
As much as Draco had enjoyed his stay at the House of (Last Name), he was even more excited to be home.  Once he realised he was standing in front of Malfoy Manor with his dad, he ran as fast as he could towards the front door.
Lucius shook his head fondly while walking after his son.  It was good to see him acting his age even if the circumstances were dire.  Lucius stopped as he wondered what would have happened if he had never been forced to join Voldemort by his family. How much would have changed?
Lucius closed his eyes as he imagined his life if Narcissa hadn’t been taken from it.  They would be in the sitting room together, eagerly awaiting Draco’s first sign of magic.   When it did come, Lucius and Narcissa would praise Draco, probably confusing their son but Draco would understand later why it was important to have magic.
They would walk through the streets of Diagon Alley together proudly and a
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Lucius Malfoy x Reader Marriage Law Chapter 3
Lucius Malfoy x Reader Marriage Law
Chapter 3
AN: I apologise for the delay but here’s chapter 3.  I have some ideas for Chapters 4 and 5 but any more are welcome.
Lucius knocked on the door of the (Last Name) Manor while holding an ornate box under his arm.  Next to him, Draco fidgeted nervously and this action drew Lucius’ eyes to him.  
“Draco.” Lucius’ tone was sharp and Draco stopped fidgeting immediately; changing his posture into that of an Heir.
A House Elf opened the door but Lucius stayed in his place.  It was considered rude to walk into a house of an Old Family without the Head of the House present.  There was a rush of magic and (Father’s Name) appeared at the top of the stairs.
“Welcome to our home, Head and Heir of Malfoy.” (Father’s Name) greeted.
“We thank you for the honour of allowing us into your home.” Lucius spoke formally before bowing from the waist.  Draco followed h
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Lucius Malfoy x Reader Marriage Law Chapter 2
Chapter 2
Lucius waited in the living room for his blasted owl to return with your response.  He had sent a letter, as per the old traditions, to arrange a date for him and Draco to be formally introduced to your family.
Speaking of Draco, he had been a little subdued ever since Lucius had told him that his mother had died.  The first few nights, Draco had cried out in the night but Lucius had been dealing with his own loss and had sent a House Elf to look after Draco.
When Lucius had spoken with Draco about what was happening, Draco had been very quiet.  At the end of his speech, Draco sat and did not make a sound.  When Lucius had risen to leave, Draco had called out to him.  "Father, does this mean I will have two Mothers?"
Lucius had turned, surprised and nodded.
Draco had smiled, happy with the answer.
An annoyed hoot and an additional weight on Lucius' shoulder startled him from his thoughts.  "You've seen fit to return, have you?  It took you a
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Lucius Malfoy x Reader Marriage Law Ch1
Lucius Malfoy x Reader - Chapter 1
AN: Reader and her sister are both related to the Zabinis and the Greengrasses.
Once you were back on solid ground, you checked you still had all your limbs.  Apparition was such a risky business at the best of times - glancing over, you saw your younger sister doing exactly the same thing.
"If International Floo was available, I would have signed up for that experience faster than a Chaser soars after the Quaffle." Your sister muttered.
"You would be spending at least two hours in the Floo." You replied.
Your sister grinned, "Better than brooms and safer."
You rolled your eyes as you began walking to your parents' Manor.  "You still are left with the aftertaste of ash though."
Your sister fell into step next to you, "Maybe a type of vanishing potion?"
You cocked your head in thought, "The idea has merit, perhaps if you created the potion to act as a barrier around the mouth, as to prevent ash from entering in the first instance."
Your siste
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Lucius Malfoy x Reader Marriage Law
Harry Potter marriage law fic
Lucius Malfoy x reader
This takes place after Harry has vanquished Voldemort for the first time and will contain cute Toddler!Draco.
Lucius crumpled the blasted letter from the Ministry in his fist.  It wasn't bad enough that his wife had died while fighting the Dark Lord - no, the Ministry had to add insult to injury by enacting this meaningless law.
It was a law from the 1300s that stated if the population of Wizarding Britain ever fell beyond a certain point, the Ministry could pair couples according to bloodline and compatibility.  That was exactly what had happened with the First War.
So much of Wizarding Britain had fallen in the war.  Lucius supposed it was around 30% of the population.
Frustrated beyond belief, Lucius Disapperated from the Manor and left the letter lying on the ground.
On the letter, just before the Minister's signature, there was a name.  This was the name of Lucius' future bride.
(Name) (Middle Name)
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Murder Mystery Challenge
At first, Tony thought his coffee was off.  He swore that he put his wrench down on the bench opposite him yet somehow, in the space of two minutes, it had moved into the kitchen and was sitting next to the coffee maker.
Tony played it off.
Then his Iron Man suits started malfunctioning.  Tony couldn’t understand what was happening – mechanically his suits were beyond perfect.  He even had FRIDAY run countless scans in an attempt to diagnose the fault.
She came up empty.
The suits were zooming around the room, smashing into things and ricocheting off the walls.  The fact that they weren’t listening to Tony’s commands caused him to panic.  His heartbeat bounded in his ears as he ducked and weaved around the room – trying to get to the kill switch on the wall near the door.
One suit slammed into him, flinging him away from his target and across the room.  Slowly and painfully, Tony pulled himself up and he tried to ignore the sc
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Once Upon A Time x Reader x Supernatural Chapter11
OUAT x Reader x Supernatural Chapter 11
You sprinted towards the hospital and arrived just in time to see Emma grab Regina by the arm and pull her away from Henry’s unconscious form.  He looked so small with wires attached to him and multiple machines.  Your heart broke even further when you saw how pale he was and how shallowly he was breathing.
A thud jolted you out of your thoughts and Dr Whale looked up, “Might I suggest Miss (Name) that you stop Emma from killing our Mayor?  This is a hospital after all.”
You nodded and went to find Emma.  Luckily, she had pinned Regina to a filing cabinet in the first storage room you looked in.
“Whoa!  Emma!”  You rushed over, “She can’t answer any of your questions if she can’t breathe and she does have the answers that we need to save Henry.”
Emma gave Regina a foul look before releasing her and Regina scowled at you, “Just because you’re someone
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Two worlds collide - Ch 10- HP x PJO/HoO x Reader
Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus x Harry Potter x Reader Chapter 10
The moment between you and Severus was broken almost instantly and Severus whirled around to face Sirius.
“I believed that all Purebloods were given etiquette lessons.  I suppose you were absent for that lesson, Black.  Otherwise you would have known that you knock on a closed door and wait for a response before barging in.”
Sirius sneered, “Stay out of this, you overgrown bat.”  
You frowned and crossed your arms and Sirius turned to face you.
“Can you tell me how Harry’s Occlumency lessons are going?”
You raised your chin, “I could but you’d need to apologise to Severus first.”
“Why?” Sirius demanded.
“In the space of two minutes you have insulted him and made him feel insignificant in my classroom.  I have the answer to your question, so please do as I say.”  
Sirius understood the underlying message that it w
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Padme x Male Reader
Padmé x Male Reader
AN: Reader is Anakin’s twin brother.  This takes place after Episode II and Anakin didn’t marry Padmé.
Many people thought that being a twin was a good thing and it was – usually.  There were times when it was really annoying.  For example, Master Windu glared at you for the whole day yesterday because Anakin had dumped a gallon of water on him.  It took Master Yoda addressing you by your first name for Master Windu to realise his error and although Master Windu didn’t apologise to you exactly – he was warmer to you today than he was yesterday.
Anakin was now teaching the younglings about meditation.
You were sure there was some irony in there somewhere and you were also pretty sure that Master Windu had a hand in Anakin’s new position.
Usually Master Obi-Wan could tell you apart most of the time (which worried you a little since he had taught Anakin for ten years), so when he walked into the room and
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Harry Potter: Chat Room 1

Also, I got the idea of doing this chat room thing from DixonVixon's Sherlock chat rooms. I apologise to Dixon if this is copying, because honestly, I have no idea. Please don't sue me.
A big thanks to Dixon Vixon!
Y/n has started a chat room.
Ron has logged on.
Hermione has logged on.
'Hey Hermione, did you know that you're the most wonderful and talented girl I've ever met? - Ron'
'No, Ron. You are not copying my homework again - Hermione'
'But Snape told us to write 8 inches. 8 BLOODY INCHES! Please Hermione! And you've written, what, 14?  - Ron'
'No, and it was 15 and a half - Hermione'
Y/n has sent a PM to Ron.
'Oh! - Ron'
Ron has sent a PM to Y/n.
'What are you two up to? - Hermione'
'Nothing - Y/n'
Harry has logged on.
'Hermione, why are Y/n and Ron sitting in the common room with your homework? - Harry'
'Wait, wha
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Mature content
12 Doctor x Reader one shot (Lemon) :icondragonblade122:dragonblade122 14 4
This is not goodbye (Mycroft x Reader)
~Readers POV~
You slowly woke up, still feeling dizzy.
The first thing you saw were Mycroft´s blue eyes staring back at you in shock. You immediately stiffened and wanted to jump up, but you couldn´t.
You realised that both you and Mycroft were tied to the chairs you were sitting in, facing each other. Your heartrate increased rapidly after Mycroft glanced slightly to your left, making you realise that one of the guards was pointing a gun at your head.
Mycroft looked at you again, his eyes wide open. He was truly afraid of what his younger sister was willing to do, and so were you.
You closed your eyes, took a deep breath and opened them again.
The moment you opened your mouth to say something, Moriarty´s laugh echoed through the cell, before Eurus spoke up again.
“Ah, (y/n) is finally awake! My guards must have overdosed you a bit… sorry for that…”
“Eurus, we´ve played enough, where is Sherlock?”, Mycroft asked furious. His back
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Commison Game night CasxReader fluff SPN
Fem reader x Castiel SPN
      Game Night--Truth or Dare?
You had been waiting for the game night to start all day, it had been over three months since you and the boys got a chance to do anything fun.
You had gone to the store to buy some snacks and a few games that you heard were fun. You ran a hand through your (h/l) (h/c) to make sure it wasn't knotted. You had been told that Bobby and Cas were coming.
For as long as you'd know Cas you had wanted to date the angel, he was handsome, funny (not on purpose) and he was always so kind to you.
You heard a knock on the door and headed to it, Sam and Dean were in the kitchen trying to find the food you had bought. You had opened the door to see Bobby. He was like a dad to you.
"How are you doing (y/n)?" he asked as he walked in.
"I'm doing really good actually." You replied with a smile. "Boys so help me, get out of the kitchen or I will kick you ass".
You heard laughter coming from the other room as you sat down
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Supernatural !
We expose only our member's artwork.
Respect SPN and read the rules. You know how the Winchesters can be when they are pissed off!

Like they say : "FAVING IS FREE, BITCHES!"

Don't forget to mention copyrights:  
SUPERNATURAL © Eric Kripke and the CW
when you use the show material.
If you have questions, just ask! Suggestions are welcome too. This is your group, guys!
Thank you and have more and more fun with  us !
:iconpryate: :iconsashadam: :iconSomeone-Else79:
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Rumplestiltskin x Reader Deal
You hated having to keep your feelings for the town sorcerer a secret. Since the curse had been broken and everyone had recovered their memories, people began distrusting Mr. Gold more and more. You knew he didn't have much in the way of friends to begin with, but you'd been drawn to him, and he always kept his deals. But he had encountered so many people in his time that now no one trusted him. They all recalled how he had burned them or their loved ones, and you were virtually the only person on his side.
You had met him the same way most people had - through making a deal. You were a mermaid, and you longed to spend time on land. The most you could do was sit on a rock or at the edge of the shore, watching from afar as you had to keep at least the end of your tail in the water. You got to watch a lot of happy scenes that way; families on the beach, ships setting sail, tender goodbyes and gleeful reunions. But you never got to experience them. And that was all you really wanted.
:iconcoinoperatedgirl666:CoinOperatedGirl666 15 2
Mature content
Pirates of the Caribbean: Always wanted to do that :icontholac:Tholac 7 5
Sketches (Snape X Reader)
Everyone who had met Mrs. (F/N) Snape would say that she had boundless energy and an unwavering cheerful attitude that could make anyone's day better.
Many people, including yourself, could not begin to piece together what Severus even liked about you anyways, as it was obvious you two were complete opposites. For one, you actually enjoyed working among children as the 'Wizard Art' professor at Hogwarts. You were very passionate about the arts, and so you desired to pass on the knowledge to those few students that were interested.
Another new school year came around, and so far, it was going well for you. The classes you taught were small and hard working, which was nice. You could be relaxed and easygoing, just as you liked.
One gorgeous day towards the end of September, you had decided that a walk with your husband would be lovely. Gathering your sketchbooks, your wand, and your favorite quill (it was enchanted so that it never needed ink, so it was perfect for dra
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Crowley x Reader
"Hello bo-who's this?" I looked up and saw Crowley in front of Sam and Dean, right in the middle of a devil's trap.
"Crowley, meet _____. She's going to be looking after you." Dean stated matter-of-factly walking up the demon and wrapping hand cuffs around Crowleys wrists.
"What is this?' He snarled, glaring down at his wrists and looking up at me for answers.
"Sam and Dean reckon you know more about the mark of Cain than you're letting on, so I offered to keep an eye on you whilst you stay here because I know Sam and Dean are busy and locking you in the  the basement didn't really help last time by the sounds of things." I exclaimed and Crowley seemed to accept my explanation.
"So you're staying in the bunker until you give us information that's true and useful." Sam added, getting rid of a chunk of the Devil's  trap Crowley was stuck in. Crowley didn't look to happy with the arrangement but before he could say anything Castiel appeared and whisked Sam and Dean off leaving m
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Hades x Reader
"Where am I?" I muttered to myself, looking at my surroundings. I had gone to sleep in my bed but had just woken up to a completely different environment. I was still in a bed, but it was a lot bigger and a lot more comfy than the one at my house, and the room was lit by candles and a roaring fireplace which filled the room with warmth. The room itself was a beautiful gothic style, the kind you'd imagin castles to have. Suddenly, a voice interrupted my thoughts.
"You're in the Underworld, my dear. My palace, to be exact." I spun to my right where my eyes landed on a tall, handsome man who was leaning on the doorway and looking at me intently. His hair was back with slight curls and framed his face perfectly. His clothes were black also, but they only brought out his dark eyes, which glittered with an intensity and intelligence I had never seen on anyone before. It was only when my mind stopped checking him out that my mind registered what he had said.
"T-The Underworld? Your palace? Yo
:iconsophieleighbroome:SophieLeighBroome 191 23
Bill Weasley x Reader
WARNING Contains spoilers for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and possibly Deathly Hallows!!!
Reader's POV
Fleur. Fleur Delacour. She had been my rival ever since we first met in Beauxbatons Academy of Magic in our first year. She'd always tried her very best to undermine me, so when she learned that I had a slight crush on the ponytail-clad ginger, she had acted immediately out of habit. She asked Bill to teach her "proper Eengleesh" as she had said. I knew she had studied English for months, but she started flirting with him, and she was just... so much prettier, funnier, and just overall... better than I was. So why bother? Bill had been my best friend ever since I arrived at Hogwarts. He'd come to check on Harry along with his parents, and we just kinda... hit it off. But then Phlegm, as Ginny and I like to call her, caught me smiling and blushing a bit while Bill told me I was cute. I knew he was just teasing, but come on! It's Bill Mother-Effin' Weasley! One does not simpl
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Valentine's day by BowtiesAreCool15 Valentine's day :iconbowtiesarecool15:BowtiesAreCool15 21 11
Proud Alpha - Alpha!Crowley x Omega!Reader
Proud Alpha - Alpha!Crowley x Omega!Reader
"So don't expect me to do you any favors. I want you to have handed me your essays by... tomorrow" Crowley said with a smile and groans could be heard throughout the classroom.
"But sir, it's way too early. We won't have time" one voice could be heard from the back of the class.
"Well, then I suggest you start working on it as soon as possible." he smiled smugly again and before anyone could say anything more the bell was heard and everybody walked out of the classroom, some were muttering incoherent things.
"Can you wait a little bit?" his voice made you stop on your tracks.
Of course you thought.
You waited as all the students walked out of the classroom, some giving small smiles as a way of trying to reassure for what you were about to go through. Sympathetic smiles and soft pats on the shoulder were the only things they could give you because they knew that no matter what, you were not going to come alive out of that classroo
:iconangelmewmew:angelmewmew 116 30
Cooking With Cas+Crowley Pt.II by blackbirdrose Cooking With Cas+Crowley Pt.II :iconblackbirdrose:blackbirdrose 596 189 Cooking With Cas and Crowley by blackbirdrose Cooking With Cas and Crowley :iconblackbirdrose:blackbirdrose 760 288



Saw Bohemian Rhapsody today - it was fantastic!  :D If you want to talk to me about it, please note me so that it isn't accidentally spoiled for people who haven't seen it yet. 
Lucius Malfoy x Reader - Marriage Law

Chapter 6

When you were processing the fact that Draco had managed to find Harry Potter, Draco had calmed down.  Lucius on the other hand was far from calm - he had put two and two together and his rage at a Magical child (especially a very famous one) being devalued in such a way by his Muggle relatives was enough to get the wheels in his head spinning.

At this point, Orion decided that he had inflicted enough pain on his perch; he spread his wings and flew over to your shoulder.  He settled there looking quite proud of himself.

"(Name), please take Draco and Harry to the Malfoy Manor.  I shall be there shortly."

The Silencing Spell lifted as you nodded and tentatively moved towards Harry.  His cousin was unintentionally acting as a shield for Harry.  It seemed that the cousin relied on intimidation and tantrums to get his way - which may prove to be a problem for you, Draco and Harry.

"You can't take him!" The obese Muggle spat.

"And why not?"  Lucius asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Because it is our obligation to take care of the brat." The horse faced woman muttered.

You glared at her with such ferocity that she and her husband took a few quick steps back.  "Looking after a child is never an obligation," you seethed, "it is a choice and if you truly think it is an obligation then perhaps you should reconsider why you chose to have a child in the first place."

You didn't notice Lucius' look of approval as you walked towards Harry with Draco following close behind and your hand resting on your wand hilt.  The overweight boy took one look at you and decided it was best to get out of your way.  He stepped to the side and pushed Harry towards you with enough force that Harry stumbled into your arms.

A screech from Orion had the overweight boy waddling as fast as he could to his parents.  You didn't need to look at Lucius to know that he was beyond furious at the display that he had just witnessed.

"Hello." You said quietly to the boy in your arms.

He didn't say anything in return and you couldn't really blame him for that.  

"My name is (Name)," you continued at the same volume "and this is Draco."

Draco waved from beside you.

"Harry needs a family." Draco stated, "Can he be my brother?"

Harry looked at Draco and then at you, "I want a brother."

You smiled gently, "If you want Draco to be your brother, does that mean you want me to look after you?"

Harry sniffed and without warning, he hugged you as tightly as he could muster.  The wind was knocked out of you but you returned the hug gently.

After a few moments, you pulled back.  "Harry," you began, "I'm going to take you and Draco to Draco's home."

"Malfoy Manor."  Draco interjected rather proudly for a three year old.

"What's a Manor?"  Harry asked.

"It's a big, big house!" Draco babbled excitedly, "We have gardens and kitchens and places to play and heaps of"

"Peacocks, Draco." You supplied, smiling at his enthusiasm.

"I get my own room too!" Draco continued.

Harry looked at you "Can we go now?"  He asked.

You nodded.

"Harry, you need to hold onto my hand tightly."  Harry did so. "This is going to feel a bit strange but I need you to stay calm.  Can you do that?" At Harry's nod, you made sure that Draco was holding onto your other hand before you Disapperated.

Moments later, you reappeared in front of Malfoy Manor and the many House Elves swarmed out to meet you.  

Harry shrank back behind your legs and you quickly turned to comfort him.  "Harry.  You're safe.  These are House Elves and they belong to Draco and Draco's father.  They're here to help."

Harry nodded and latched onto your leg - if the situation wasn't so upsetting, you would have cooed at the action.  

"Draco, why don't you lead the way?  I'm sure you and Harry will be warmer inside."

Draco nodded and walked towards the entrance of Malfoy Manor.  When everyone was inside, Orion let out a happy hoot and left his perch on your shoulder to fly to Draco's room. Harry held tight to your leg but when you entered the Dining Room, his mouth dropped open in shock.

"It's so big!"  He whispered as though someone might hear him.

For a few moments, you found that cute until you realised that he probably was afraid that someone might hear him and punish him.  You resolved to mention that to Lucius when he returned to the Manor.

You nodded, "It is big.  You do get used to it after a while."

Draco pulled you and Harry to sit next to him at the table and once you were seated a House Elf emerged with sandwiches and soup for all of you.

The look on Harry's face broke your heart.  The poor boy looked like he wanted to have the food but was afraid of how you and Draco would react.

"'Arry, food is for oo." Draco said around a mouthful of bread.

"Draco." You chastised, "We do not talk with food in our mouths."


"Harry," the boy turned to look at you, "Draco is right.  The food is for you to eat."

"'S too much." Harry muttered, ducking his head shyly.

"Just eat what you can." You urged and breathed a quiet sigh of relief when Harry started eating.

When Lucius returned you definitely would have some suggestions for punishments for Harry's "family" and once your family heard about this, it was certain that they would have some ideas as well.

"Mistress?" Flipsy the House Elf squeaked from next to you.

"Yes Flipsy?"  You inquired.

"We is wanting to know if Master is returning soon."

You opened your mouth to respond but were cut off when Lucius strode into the Dining Room.  At once you could see that his face was the cold mask he wore in public.  From his face, you knew that he had a plan and that it was not going to end well for Harry's relatives.

"Once Harry and Draco have finished their meal, you may take them upstairs for their nap, Flipsy."  If Lucius' face hadn't let you know that he was beyond angry with Harry's relatives then his tone of voice certainly did and Flipsy picked up on it too.

Lucius sat down in a chair and rested his cane on his legs.  He barely touched his meal.

After Harry and Draco had left the room with Flipsy, Lucius pushed his plate away and stared into the fire.  

Following his lead, you pushed your plate away before you made your way to his side and you placed a hand on his shoulder.

Lucius looked at you, "With some persuasion, I returned with them to their house and I was appalled with what I found.  Not only did they allocate a cupboard as his room, they would punish Harry by locking him in there and controlling the amount of food he could eat."

Lucius shrugged off your hand and pushed himself out of his chair.  He paced the room, his voice growing steadily louder with ever word he spoke, "He never had a birthday, he was pushed around and prodded by his cousin, constantly insulted and belittled by his aunt and uncle, punished for having magic and generally treated as a second class citizen!  They had no remorse for what they did and I I know  that this treatment would have only increased as he aged!  He is very malnourished for a child his age!  They will pay for the rest of their lives for harming a magical child, I swear this to you on the Malfoy name and on my magic!"

A powerful gust of air swirled around Lucius as he finished speaking, showing Magic's acceptance of his oath.  Even without the rush of air and Magic's acceptance, you didn't doubt Lucius words for an instant.  You knew that by the time he finished with Harry's relatives, they'd be wishing that they'd never heard of the Magical World and by the time that you finished with them, they wouldn't be too happy in their world either.
Lucius Malfoy x Reader Marriage Law Chapter 6
Hi guys,

Here is the next instalment to my Marriage Law series.  I apologise for my absence- my semester at uni was really intense.   I am on a break now so hopefully I can write more.  Just a couple of things about the fic:  the reason that Harry and Draco sometimes sound older than three years is because magic is accelerating their development and the importance of the oath that Lucius made will become clearer later.

This chapter does have themes of abuse and neglect in it; if you want me to add a filter to the fic - just let me know.

Until next time,


Disclaimer:  Don't own anything.

Peter Hale x Reader

AN: Reader is a fox shifter and is about the same age as Derek.  This was requested by Pigletgirl and I hope you enjoy.  This is set around Season 4.

Scott couldn’t help the curling of his lip or the growls that rumbled through his chest when he saw you standing next to Derek and laughing with him.  At Scott’s growl, you and Derek both turned around and Derek raised an eyebrow.

Scott growled again and your eyes briefly flashed a greenish yellow before returning to your normal eye colour. Thankfully, Stiles was amazed at the fact that Derek aka Sour wolf was actually laughing. “Who are you? Why is Scott growling so much?  It’s like someone’s starting a motorbike. How did you manage to make the Derek Hale laugh?  I thought he only had two facial expressions, frown and frown deeper.”

You raised your hands in a pacifying gesture.  “From what Derek has told me, you must be Stiles Stilinski – Scott’s best friend.  My name is (Name) and the reason Scott is growling like a motorbike is because I am a fox shifter-which is ironic considering his love interest is a Kitsune.  As for how I can make Derek laugh, well, that’s going to stay my secret for the time being.”

Derek took over, “She is the result of Peter’s first bite.  My family helped her control her fox and we lost touch for a while when she went to college.  She is no threat Scott.(Name), Scott is a True Alpha.”

Scott stopped growling and cocked his head to the side curiously, “It’s possible to have a life outside of the supernatural?”

You barely heard Stiles’ exclamation of “Why would you want a life outside of the supernatural?” as you nodded and took a small step forward, relieved when Scott didn’t start growling again.

“Let me guess, your supernatural life has taken over your normal life?” You asked.

It was Scott’s turn to nod.  

Derek opened his mouth to say something but at that moment, Peter walked into the room.

“Oh goodie, you’re back.” Peter snarled, his eyes flashing blue.

“Speaking of being back,” You snarled in the same tone, “It’s on you that Kate Argent is back and terrorising people.  What, you didn’t think she was deadly enough before?  You had to give her fangs and claws to just make her just that little bit more terrifying?!”

You heard Stiles mutter to Scott, “I like her.”

Derek crossed his arms over his chest.

“There are a few things I didn’t plan for sweetheart and one of them is standing right in front of me while, yes, another is terrorising innocents.”

“Glad I could put off your plans of total domination for a while.” You snarked back.

Peter growled at you and stalked off, muttering under his breath.

“Yep, I definitely like her.”  Stiles said to Scott.

*Time skip*

Your return to Beacon Hills was as smooth as it could be when you are a supernatural character.  The biggest surprise was when you were introduced to Kira.  Kira had let out a kind of yelp and a growl before charging at you.  You had braced yourself for an attack when she had surprised you by snuggling into your side.

“Other female foxes help look after young if they don’t have their own.” Derek stated.  “It’s possible that her fox sees you as an additional protector.”

You looked down at Kira who blushed and scooted away, “I am so sorry.  It was like the fox part of me took over.”

“It is less embarrassing then when (Name) was learning to control her fox and ended up chasing someone’s pet gerbil for ten minutes.”

Scott doubled over laughing and Kira managed a wobbly smile.

You frowned at Derek, “I thought we agreed never to mention that ever again.”

“You agreed, I didn’t say anything.”

“Oh, that’s how you want to play.  Well just remember Mister that I know some things about you that you would prefer other people not to know.”

Derek’s eyes flashed blue, “You wouldn’t dare.” He growled.

You flashed your own eyes at him and raised your chin in a gesture of defiance, “Try me.”

Your staring contest was broken when Lydia and Stiles entered the loft with a squirming toddler.  “Hey guys,” Stiles began awkwardly, “You’re never going to guess what happened.”

“Where’s Peter?” Scott asked.

Stiles pointed to the toddler, “There.”

Derek groaned as Peter began to edge away from Stiles and Lydia, “What happened?”

“There was a witch and she threw powder at Peter.  In the witch’s defence, Peter was cursing her out and growling at her as well.  She fled when Stiles and I entered the room.”

You frowned, “I hate witches.  They always throw life changing glitter at some poor being.”

“So now Peter is a “poor being”?  That’s a phrase I never thought I would hear being used to describe him.” Derek remarked.

Peter had managed to edge away from Stiles completely and ran towards the steps of the loft. He climbed onto the first step and was trying to climb onto the second when he slipped and landed on the first step on his bottom.

You quickly made your way over to Peter who tried to growl at you but it came out more like “raaarr.”

You could hear Derek and Scott trying to stifle their laughter as you sat down on the step.  When you were seated, Peter made grabby hands at you, which you thought was adorable.  “Even as a toddler, so demanding.” You chided as you picked him up and sat him on your lap.  Peter cooed happily.

“So, now what?” Kira asked, seemingly over her previous embarrassment.

“We find the witch and get her to reverse the spell while (Name) plays babysitter to a toddler sized maniac.”

You looked up from Peter who was currently occupying himself by playing with your hand, “Excuse me?  How come I’m playing babysitter? Peter and I don’t exactly get along alone for long periods of time.”

Peter realised you weren’t paying attention to him and flashed his wolf eyes at Kira, Derek, Lydia, Scott and Stiles.

“That’s why.” Derek said, gesturing at Peter.

You looked down at Peter and satisfied that he had your attention again, resumed playing with your hand.

“You seem to be getting along alright now.” Scott pointed out.

“He can’t talk back.” You muttered under your breath.

*Time skip*

A yell woke you from your sleep, “PETER HALE, DON’T YOU DARE PUT THAT IN YOUR MOUTH!” Derek bellowed which was followed by Peter’s loud sobs.

“Damnit.” You sighed and walked toward the noise.  

Derek was holding an arrow and in-between his sobs, Peter was trying to reach for the arrow which Derek had tucked under his arm.

As soon as Peter saw you, he walked over to you and pointed at the arrow in Derek’s hand. You sat down and he climbed into your lap.  “Peter,” you said softly and he looked up at you, “That arrow can not only hurt normal people, it can hurt people who belong to the supernatural world as well.  It’s not something you want.”

Peter’s crying slowed down and you wiped the tears off his cheeks.  “Derek was worried that you’d hurt yourself.  He wasn’t angry with you.”

Peter’s crying had almost completely stopped when the door to the loft banged open and a female’s body tumbled down the steps.  Scott, Stiles, Sherriff Stilinski and Parrish were close behind.

“And that’s our cue to go.” You commented as you picked Peter up and walked out of the room.  You could hear the woman’s grating voice and then you heard Derek’s roar.

Peter huddled into your side and you smiled at him, “Do you want a story?”

Peter’s normal blue eyes widened and he nodded eagerly.

Just as you were about to begin the story of the Three Brothers, there was a scream, a thud, a flash of light and suddenly Peter was sitting next to back to his regular age and thankfully, fully clothed.

“Any chance I can still get that story?” He asked, narrowing his eyes and looking at you.

A smirk made its way across your lips as you stood up and walked to the door.  Turning back, you widened your smirk, “That depends if you’re a good boy or not.”

With a wink, you walked out of the room.
Peter Hale x Reader - Request for Pigletgirl
Hey guys,

Here is one of the requests I was asked to do.  I hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think in the comments section below.  Bonus points if you can spot the Harry Potter reference! :)

Until next time,

Disclaimer: Don't own anything.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Hey guys,

Sorry that I've been a bit inactive lately but I just wanted to let you know about my up and coming projects:

A (really long) Han Solo x reader.
A Padme x Male Reader (who is Anakin's twin).
The final chapter to my OUAT x Reader x Supernatural story.
The next chapter to my Harry Potter x Reader x Percy Jackson story.
A Bruce Banner x Reader where the reader is an empath.

*Future series - any ideas on the following stories are welcome and you will be credited for the idea*
Durza (Eragon) x Reader.
Modern AU: Teacher!Rumplestiltskin/Mr Gold x Teacher!Reader.

I also want to say a huge thank you to everyone who faves, comments, watches and gives me llamas - you guys are amazing and I wouldn't have the motivation to continue writing if it wasn't for you guys!

Until next time!
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I am a huge fan of Greek Mythology and the Avengers and will happily talk with anybody if they ask me anything about those two topics. My favourite animals are lions but I have a soft spot for cats, kittens and lynxes.

I also am a fan of the Chronicles of Narnia series.




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