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Megaman TRIBZ



Hooray hooray! I got in! And I assure you, I was biting my nails into stumps EVER SINCE MARCH 1ST.

Woodman somehow turned into this unholy love child of Gato (chrono trigger), bartholomew kuma (one piece) and astro boy (....astro boy), apologies for artistic license. haha!

Thank you :iconudoncrew: for deeming my work worthy of being in this giant mega-orgy of mega-art and mega-artists!!

also, big shitz is in the workz. sorry for my lack of activity.... lacktivity. transitions to new jobs and moving to new houses have made me a busy scrotum.

CONGRATS TO ALL OF THE OTHER WINNERS!!!!! a lot of people i thought were shoe-ins didn't make it in... that makes me sad, but i think it should be known that if you made a pic for this tribute in the first place, YOU ARE ALREADY A WINNER. A WINNER IS YOU. mega man's one of the reasons i started drawing in the first place, so giving it love is already an immaculate ascension of sorts.

Thanks for looking, guys!!

woodman is still the bestman
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Reminds me of Toby/Astro Boy and Zog from Astro Boy 2009 movie