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A Lifetime of Adventure

inspired by the preview track for the LaToSM album!!!!! It's so beautiful, it inspired me alot. I can't stop listening to it <3 

The pose for Scrooge is inspired by a drawing by Marco Rota.

Kurkela is supposed to be the “voice” for Goldie, so I can’t help imagining her being the one singing this. I’m excited to hear the rest of the album, especially Scrooge’s songs. I’m praying for a duet!

You can hear it on my blog HERE. It's set for release in April :)

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I gotta get myself somehow into tumblr so I could favorite your blog and read the comics and everything! It's so evil it speaks French to me, about only language I have hard time understanding aside Asian languages. Somehow it'll work.. *thuds coming of head hitting the wall* Grr. Love the pic though! Heart 
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"Charm of a dancehall girl, a true star of the North". I love that song
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Wauw!  Fantastisch! 
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Oh my goshness, I love this sooo much!:heart:
Absolutely gorgeous work, I love so much how Goldie looks and Scrooge too! The details are so good! ;u;
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Another great drawing :) 

What do you think of Carl Barks "Back to the Klondike"? personally I think it is the best Scrooge story of all time. Or at least one of the best. 
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It's my favorite Carl Barks story, but there are others I would say are just as good. he was a prolific writer and his comics were made in a different era, so it's difficult to compare them with more modern stories made in Italy or by Don Rosa.
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really love the composing of this picture!
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Wonderful painting! I love goldie and scrooge and am also looking forward to the album <3
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yaaaay~ thank you! everyone's really excited for it!!
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