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The Genealogy of Bharata

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Complete genealogy of the lines of Bharata including Suryavansha, Somavansha, Saptarishis, Devas, Asuras etc.

Compiled primarily from the Srimad Bhagavat Mahapuran with other Purans and the Mahabharat as secondary sources
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Omg this is so amazing :la: and i thoughg garuda was younger than aruna
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I am able to trace my lineage. I am from Yanavashva-Ambarisha-Harita lineage. I am feeling so happy to know based on this chart.

Please keep the good work going!!!

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I'm glad that you found personal meaning in this :)

Am working on a novel that's a fictionalisation of the years from Vasishtha and Marici to some five hundred years before Ram. Hope that finds its way to the shelves soon.
My God !!! This is AWESOME !!!

ALso, did not know that Lord Ram was from the 62nd generation, while Ravana was from the 3rd generation.
So, Ravana lived about 4200 years more !!!!!!!!! ??????? (taking 70 years average age as of today)
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There are different lineages in the different Puranas, with the number of generations somewhat different at times.

By a more accurate count, one which cross-examines all the genealogies, Ram was somewhere around the 23rd generation in his line.
Dear Aryavart

Thanks a lot......... for this work

if i retype and insert some photograph for easy to understand (my children - especially) and people ( for my blog ) private circular only

is there any problem

kindly inform to me

thanks and kind regards
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Dear Bharateyyal,

This is Vedic knowledge, available to all without discrimination or ownership. I simply collated information in an easy to read format.

Please feel free to use this in any way you like, even without giving credit to me if you want.

Also look into the maps and other family trees I have made, at this link:

-Scrolls of Aryavart (Amrit)
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Every Purana has a tradition of narrating the genealogies of Kings. It is an essential component in any Purana's structure. Also, the genealogy in Garuda Purana will differ from that in the Vishnu Purana. The genealogy in the Varuna Purana will be different from that in the Bhavishya Purana. Some differences will be big and some will be small. So essentially you cannot really find one true source with the "correct" genealogy.

For this image, I have used ONLY the Srimad Bhagvat Purana as reference. However, if you want a more comprehensive comparison of all the genealogies then I strongly suggest you purchase "Ancient Indian Dynasties" by V.S. Mishra by Motilal Banarsidass Publishers. VS Mishra compares the genealogies in ALL the Puranas, ALL the Vedas and also Ramayana and Mahabharat to come up with one, single definitive genealogy of all the tribes and Kings.

As for the novel, Bharat Palimpsestl, its a novel I am working on. If you live in India, then look out for it sometime by December this year. Its a historical FICTION set between 5000 and 4000 BC in India.
Good work. Can you create a new version including mother relation too.

For eg:
Arjuna is the blessed son of Kunti from Indra
Bhima is the blessed son of Kunti from Vayu
Bhishma is the son of Santanu and Ganga. etc etc

You may not need to represent it in a comfortable way so that picture will not be messy.
It will help to understand the relations and story tales easily.
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This is a wonderful work...the best Vedic genealogy on the web. And the most beautifully done. Thank you for sharing your art!
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This is incredible. Would this deviation be available for download ?
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it already is...there's a download button next to the image
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I tried it. I think the file size is rather big. Umm. Il try again :)
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