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IronMan-Jarvis Theme Version 2
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Published: November 29, 2011
UPDATE 2017:
New version of this skin, created by eduardo989 is available here:…

Owing to popular demand comes this long overdue re-edit of my IronMan-Jarvis Theme Desktop. Features:

-fully customizable decks for apps, folders and weblinks
-available in 4 colours- blue, red, yellow, green
-options for both winamp and itunes
-config tool to facilitate all customizations

I think that covers what people wanted out of the previous version of this customization.

Get your weather code from…

Theme available in other colours on demand. Drop a comment below with the desire hex code...

EDIT 2013:

Hi all. I continue to be surprised, humbled and overwhelmed by the popularity I am receiving for this theme. I need to apologise on one count at least- I stopped support on this theme long ago (including the on demand colours, it got too much after a while!) and have not revisited Rainmeter designing for a long time. I probably should have uploaded an edit to coincide with Iron Man 3 but I've got other projects to handle. Anyway:

1) I'm not supporting this theme anymore, for now. To download, please use the link at the right. I don't know why people keep asking where to download from.

2) If you're new to Rainmeter and desktop customization, I'm sorry- the theme is not intended as a tutorial and I cannot provide that level of support. But trust me, I learnt how to use, code, and design for Rainmeter amazingly easy. I have no coding background, minimal Photoshop knowledge and yet you are here trying to use my theme. So Rainmeter is going to be very easy to pick up if you get involved- just put in a little effort.

3) I realise from the comments that the current version of the theme probably still has a few bugs to iron out. I promise a fully working, completely customizable theme on the 1st of July, or before.

4) If you do have a request, comment or question to place- in English please? I do not understand any other language (except Hindi, if you're up for that)
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download email : Poland Text
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i like tha javis Iron-man them i just need to fined the right video to put in the back
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I wanna know how can you open document by using this
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if i close itune app jarvis theme music player stops working same thing happen to winamp software
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i dont get it at all ... ive done everything all i want is the weather and system and drives ... all of this rainmeter stuff is impossible
i had the weather thing working but then i try to add 2or 3 days forecast and make it tell me the atmospheric stuff and i get a tiny circle and have to reinstall to get a fresh ini file
there is not one clear answer on here at all hell i cant even find the system or drive skins at all ??? am i just stupid or what ?
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New version:
Iron Man Skin
<da:thumb id="667004969">
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TheDPK|Hobbyist General Artist
Namaste ji. kya ye iron man ka photo theme ke saath aatha hai? poonch rahi hoon kyon ki baaki sab load ho raha hai lekin ye eyes ka colour change nahi ho raha hai.
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Daniel-D-S|Student Writer
wheres the download button
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Just near the vertical scroll bar... 
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Ahbaar|Student Digital Artist
k are you indian bro cause i am
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ATTENTION: If anyone's config.exe application is not changing their interface and stuff then read this!

My wasn't working and to find out it was because the path was wrong in the "RainConfigure.cfg" file. The path needed to be changed to where the actual "UserVariables.txt" file is. In this case I installed RainMeter on another drive, but in most cases you just need to change the user from "Amrit" to your own username and that will fix your config tool. If the refresh application doesn't work either, just right click the skin and click refresh.

I love this pack and needed to fix it for everyone!

PS. The same goes for if your notes aren't working. Just go to the Notes folder, exit the file and scroll all the way to the bottom and edit the path to your username.
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where is the download link???
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it's not even funny
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how do you download it? someone please give me link
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Excellent desktop skin : ). One comment, the images used for the Arc in the central interface seem to have been cropped so that a flat spot is visible at the bottom. This is true in all colours. Can anyone recommend a fix? I am no expert in image editing so keep it simple. Thank you.
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Where do I download that wallpaper above?
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Downloaded and installed successfully on Windows 10... downloaded it from the link on the right, as per instructions.

The weather skins is broken because changed their RSS feed. You need to change the URL found in the weather_Blue.ini (or the colour of your choice) to this:… [leave everything after local alone]
I found this information here ->…

Then you need to add your location code. Link to location codes in the theme description.
Add it to the UserVariables.ini on Windows 10 this is found here C:\Users\[username]\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Iron Man
Change these two variables:
location=[location code]

Save .ini files and refresh skin.
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YoshiKyubi|Hobbyist General Artist
The notes don´t work anymore on my theme. Can you help me?
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its not downloading
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I didn't have a problem
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WOW  many thanks
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