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IronMan-Jarvis Theme Desktop

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UPDATE 2017:
New version of this skin, created by eduardo989 is available here:…

- been working on this one for almost 2 days straight!
- its my 3rd skin submission
- please point out any errors/glitches

EDIT: newer version of this theme available, with customizable app, folder and weblink decks, four different colours and itunes compatibility. Link:

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GUICUINew Deviant



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wont download virus detected

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BenfanuttieNew Deviant

very cool item,thank you for the great effort

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it is not coming in my screen

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i can't download
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I can't get any of the damn controls to work! Gestures aren't getting it. Been waving my arms and hands around like the Pope on speed or Queen Elizabeth on acid. Touching the screen doesn't help, either, dammit! What a gyp! And I just maxed out the RAM on this frigging machine and that ain't helping either!
Nice work, though.
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OMG it's so amazing
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JzelleJrelle0317Professional Interface Designer
Hello, what is the purpose of reader skin ? and how to use it ?
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PaigeLove1Hobbyist General Artist
Does this work with Windows 8.1? Or no...?
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tungt14Student Artist
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Thank you very much!
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be nice if you can get the full THEME and JARVIS with Rainmeter to download I would get this
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is this only a wallpaper? i am not able to apply this theme.....
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BriarDIEZHobbyist General Artist
How do I switch the Value17, Value18, etc (all of those) to system folder shortcuts like My Pictures and My Documents? I'm having a bit of trouble.
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Iv'e seen things like this.  I this a simple picture, or a moving gif?
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Nvm, I just figured out exactly what it was.  Sorry i'm new to this kind of personalization
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Man!!!! This Is Sick!
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if not working the avobe here
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