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Better than real 2
"Why bother with flowers?  
Candy may be dandy
but can be kinda costly...
   courtship takes an eternity
and doesnt come with
a money back guarantee."
best viewed via direct input
drink heavy metals
attatched to coded proteins
that will lace
into specific nodes in your brain
to establish a wireless network
upload her, see the setup screen.
Open your personal lifelog,
videoblog, everything
give her a moment-
she's compiling.
Oh my god, is your only though
at a beauty so ideally wrought.
"Hi... uhm, I feel weird being inside you"
she coos
in a way that used to turn you on
in a relationship gone to ruin
She knows precisely
what she's doing.
Her name
is the most attractive set of phonectics
you've ever heard,
and the word suits her.
"Use her as you see fit",
says the advertisement,
"Guarenteed she knows what it is
how its done, and when to be your
  slave, lover, memory, mother
  virgin, domestic, conscious, servant
  sexpot, secretary, confidant
she'll cry on your shoulder on comman
:iconrevscrj:revscrj 2 7
Return to Venus by revscrj
Mature content
Return to Venus :iconrevscrj:revscrj 1 13
The Message by Nathraiben The Message :iconnathraiben:Nathraiben 4 6
Midnight Blossoms
From out of the darkness
a midnight blossom springs
My ears ache for want of perfect hearing,
  to catch it before it can pass
Some woman is singing her ecstacy
    in delicate phonetics
up from the covering of evening
darkness like a reckless overwhelm.
A film of strange focus touches my eyes
    coats my skin
     starts me moving in it's direction
      and yet it's omnipresence
            sends me on a dangerous path.
   At this moment I know I am at a crossroad
   but I am helpless to control my will
    filled by the meaty floral sounds
    of mouths on organs
        fleshy percussion
       and want to witness
    the act that is the voice of my weakness.
                         To be it.
       From out of the darkness
comes faceless voices
     like the fungal bloom
            of an audial plane
                 like crucifixes glued
       to depict a pornographic pose
like a rose of all thorns
like the warm that comes when one
:iconrevscrj:revscrj 3 13
DeadScream III by revscrj DeadScream III :iconrevscrj:revscrj 0 5
Liasons with a Succubus
One step forward, one
point one
back. Sliding.
       in old structures I tumble
backward at a rate of
digression that is easy and requires
only the ability to remain numb
         to the ramifications.
               is a speciality
                    of mine, 'apathy' a hobby
                      so I stiffen just a bit
                 in order to weather it,
      like you stretch out a coat
that dont quite fit your cut
but this poisonous deep ditch tryst only requires
               that I pay no heed to my consciousness
                                         or conscience or
                 to any of the constants
    that I've come to know as fortiments...
Knowing nothing
     becomes my best defense.
Wits unravel.
  It is late
   and the sky
      is an open invitation for escape.
The stars tease
by their distance.
If I could escape to that sky,
span the light years,  I
                      would be there already.
:iconrevscrj:revscrj 2 15
Relax Rev by revscrj Relax Rev :iconrevscrj:revscrj 1 0



Truth before comfort
United States
Current Residence: 3/4s there
Operating System: trying to, at least
Shell of choice: Polite untouchability
Wallpaper of choice: Piecemeal know-it-all triva on post-its
Skin of choice: revscrj's on me like a suit
Favourite cartoon character: Revscrj
Personal Quote: Forgive or forget
-but I  am cleaning my HD and found some things I had forgotten to post. :)

*prepares for flames*


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