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Windows Sidebar for Windows 8 RTM

DL: [link]
Many of you who have gotten a copy of the leaked Windows 8 RTM may have noticed that Windows Sidebar a.k.a. Gadgets is removed! If you want to re-enable, download the files provided, place "files" folder in system32 and "install.cmd" in system32. Run "install.cmd" as an administrator, then you can delete "files" and "install.cmd".
CREDIT: [link]
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can you add gadgets from a .gadget file?
It would be nice to know how to remove installed sidebar from windows 8...
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I never could understand why anyone would use these. Especially since the clock is ALREADY on your screen. lol So is the calender. It's already there.
secretxax's avatar
I'm not using W8, but cool idea anyway! Is there anyway to install the 'tiles' onto desktop (i.e. miniature version)?
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the only way you can do this is by installing Rainmeter, then use a skin (there are plenty, but I recommend Omnimo)
Thanks, works great in RTM. I have a couple gadgets that I would have missed.
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Great, just does Czech localization. I create a translated version. ;)
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File removed! :(
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Reuploaded, try again. :)
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Got them, thank you very much!
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I will test it on Windows 8 RP, but i think it surely works! :D
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It doesn't work on Windows 8 RP :(
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Gadgets are already on Windows 8 RP. Thanks though! :D
RXSlore's avatar
I'm sure that i haven't gadgets on my Windows :O
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No, you do. All Windows from Vista to 8 Release Preview have gadgets. The leaked RTM version doesn't, however. Maybe you disabled Gadgets in your Windows. Go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Turn Windows features on or off -> Scroll down and see if Windows Gadget Platform is checked.
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Thanks a lot, but i've finally installed Windows 8 RTM Enterprise :psychotic:
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BTW, it doesn't work for me... :(
When the cmd says "Registering Sidebar", a window appears with this text: "Windows Desktop Gadgets has stopped working".
I've run install.cmd as administrator, so i don't know where's the problem.
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Thank you, but I forgot to add in the description that I didn't come up with it, it came from [link] But thanks for the positive comment. :D
PeterRollar's avatar
No prob. Nice find anyways.:D
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