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The original Inkball game that Microsoft removed. Extract it and place in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Inkball. Enjoy!
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Inkball has terminating in windows 8 and 10

To make the app work, use Windows Vista SP2 Compatibility and Run as Admin. Ironicly, the app run when i was open in at troubleshoot compatibility. When i open it after resoloved, it crashed again xD

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Is this broken now?

Broken in Windows 8 and 10

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Sadly this does'int work under Windows 10 Home Edition, as even under compatibility mode of Windows Vista, it shows a blank white window sometimes with the Inkball window border and icon showing, and will then close after a short moment.
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that's because the executable is meant as a windows XP executable. open it with the following settings:
run this program in compatibility mode for: windows XP service pack 3.
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Fuck this, i've got an error that says "Executable for InkBall Game has stopped working", so it's not compatible with 8.1. :(
but thanks for uploading these good ol' microsoft games however :)

i moved the folder from downloads to desktop on widows ten and got the same message

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Hey dude, thanks for uploading all these old Windows programs. However I can't get this to run under Windows 8.1, even in compatibility mode for 7, Vista, or XP.
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Doesn't work in Windows 8 =(
y donde esta la pagina de descarga?...
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clica en Download File a la derecha de la pagina, sobre More from ~scritperkid2
perdoname por mi terrible español
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Hey, I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium, and I've followed the instructions and InkBall executes and runs, but my mouse cursor will not draw ink in the game, and is unplayable. Help?
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Working in Windows XP , Thank you very much!
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I still don't see why it was removed... :'( Thanks for your service to all Windows users!
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