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How can you make a folded pen

By Scriptorium
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A tutorial by
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The folded pen is a modern tool used by contemporary calligraphers.
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very nice, both parts! thanks for the inspiration!!
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:o (Eek) i can't believe it's that *simple*!  i rely on the i need to experiment with this and see what i can make. Thank You Birthday Sign
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Oooh great idea :D!
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Hi there! You have been featured in my news feature here [link] because either you or your friend nominated your work :aww:

Thanks for the great resources :peace:
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Can I ask a silly question? :)
How do you keep the tip 'tight' enough so the ink doesn't all just spill on the page? And do I just load the ink in the tip?

(I've been spoilt by my fountain calligraphy pen... haven't really worked with any other tool and would like to try some new stuff. :))
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Well, I've never had that kind of problem with my folded pens. If you fold them strongly you won't have any problem (but if you prefern, you can also add some scotch tape to make sure it is tight enough, a friend of mine has made a folded pen in this manner, it does work).
And yes, it's enough to load the ink just in the tip.
Good luck!
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Thanks a lot for clearing up :)

Now I just need to find some time to try that out :D
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And be careful not to cut you with the can ;)
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tu sais il manque la suite le mode d'emploi comment tenir le truc et les astuces...
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le tuto sur comment on calligraphie avec un folded est fini, il est en français, dès qu'Agathe l'a traduit on le met ici :)
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super, je ferai moins de gros pâtés. @+ C.
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ça c'est le tuto d'Agathe, mais on l'attend encore =P
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thanks :)
hope it will be useful, feel free to ask questions
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I agree, great tutorial.
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j'aurais du m'en douter en voyant la guiness
Trés instructif et bien documenté
Scriba's avatar
what's the matter with Guinness ? :yum:
C'est quoi le problème avec la Guinness ? :yum:
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c'est un peu ton symbole ;)
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That's used by calligraphers? Interesting. I didn't know that, then again, I've never really done any before.

Nice work.
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Yes, it's even quite common. This one has been done by a professional.
It's not a formal tool of course, but it's interesting to work with this thing with modern gestural calligraphy.
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