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Moonlit Hill
The rain fell on the grass softly. It was not this night's rain, it had fallen this afternoon and had been caught up in the leaves of the great oak tree. A small breeze had shaken it loose and sent it spilling to the ground in a soft patter of water and green.
A boy lounged on another part of the hill where the grass had dried after the rain. He waited impatiently by tapping his feet and wiggling his fingers. There was no pattern to his movement, he only did it because he had no other way to make sure time was moving without noticing himself moving. So he wiggled his fingers so he could see time moving and tapped his feet to feel time slipping by and waited for her to come.
She came moments later from behind him under the great oak. She stepped softly, so softly that the birds, now asleep in the tree, did not even murmur as she passed beneath their lofty nests. She avoided every twig and crinkling leaf. She was as silent as the moon itself which was only now rising over the hill.
The b
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The run-down building had once been a colourful and busy doctor's office. Not too large, it had served the local neighbourhood until its untimely closing. When we broke in, it had already been abandoned for years: its colours had faded and its business was carried out solely by rodents as evidenced by their trails in the thick dust on the floor.
We were careful to move to one of the back rooms before clearing off a few broken chairs and lighting a small lantern that I had scrounged up a couple days back. Setting the now-lit lantern down, I slumped into one of the cleaned seats that promptly collapsed under my weight.
Reya laughed scornfully at the slapstick until she inhaled some of the dust I had kicked up and choked on the silty air. A few moments later, still coughing, she helped me rise and find another, more sturdy seat. I found a box that looked stable enough and decided to use that. When we moved it, it emitted a somewhat-muffled metallic clank that we decided to investigate.
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Why I'm Not In Arts: 3 by scriptedfate Why I'm Not In Arts: 3 :iconscriptedfate:scriptedfate 0 5 Not my Art, only my Colour by scriptedfate Not my Art, only my Colour :iconscriptedfate:scriptedfate 1 1 S04 Membership Card Candidate1 by scriptedfate S04 Membership Card Candidate1 :iconscriptedfate:scriptedfate 1 2 S04 Membership Card Candidate0 by scriptedfate S04 Membership Card Candidate0 :iconscriptedfate:scriptedfate 1 2 Why I'm not in Arts: 2 by scriptedfate Why I'm not in Arts: 2 :iconscriptedfate:scriptedfate 0 8
Untitled Serial - 3
      I sat in the barren cell, waiting. Trying not to hear the rats, I recounted in my mind the events of the past days.
      After that... lunatic attacked the church and I passed out in a circle of crashed police cruisers, I had awaken here. I had created a ruckus, trying to get the attention of a guard, and it was during those vain attempts that I noticed that my chest wound had scabbed over a bit and all that yelling had broken it open again. Pressing my hand to the wound to hold back some of the blood, I crashed to the floor, gasping.
      After two days in the cell, having food and water delivered by a mute robot, a guard finally came, followed by a man in a white lab coat. I was so relieved to see a human face, I didn't notice the syringe in the doctor's hand until I woke up several hours later in a plush room.
      I was lying on a couch marvelling on the
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Jusenkyo League -Working Title
     I felt bad that day. The clouds were dark and brooding and covered the sky. Regardless of how ominous it looked, it didn't rain. The thing was, the anticipation made me feel worse.
     I woke to a rumbling in the distance and checked the clock. It told me that it was twelve o'clock on Thuesday Octember 47, 1953. Cursing the thunder for breaking my slumber (and my clock), I staggered out of bed and slumped in front of my computer. I flipped the power switch and, while waiting for the OS to boot, leaned back almost horizontally in the swivel chair idly surveying the room from my upside-down perspective.
     It was a brick-walled, one-roomed, cluttered hole in the wall in Hampton's West District. It housed my bed, my computer, a sink, a toilet, a dresser... and me. There were no posters on the walls; I didn't want to leave an impression on this place. Besides which, two of those walls were brick... and damn
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CNAnime Report - Saturday
Well, after getting home ( back to good ol' KW ) late the previous night and eating some seafood, we did some scheduling and found out the earliest thing we wanted to see was the Sakura Taisen Movie at 11am.
I set my new DDR 3rd mix OST to wake me up at 7 so I would have time to prepare for the day ahead. At about 8 we had our tickets and were reading manga as we waited at the KW bus terminal.
When the bus finally did arrive (8:30) there was a line so very long that Alex and I despaired of finding a seat. Luckily we found two towards the back, but it was a full bus when we left. I think we left some people on the platform too, but I couldn't tell for sure.
Since we didn't know that the Royal York was a request-only stop, we ended up taking the Greyhound to the TO Bus Terminal and TTC-ing our way to Front Street. We got to the con really early, so we watched some Chobits episodes.
Chobits is a series about a guy Hibiki who finds a robot in the trash and takes her home. She looks like a
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Sunday - The Group Moves Out b by scriptedfate Sunday - The Group Moves Out b :iconscriptedfate:scriptedfate 0 3 Sunday - The Group Moves Out f by scriptedfate Sunday - The Group Moves Out f :iconscriptedfate:scriptedfate 0 6 Sunday - We Left Some Behind by scriptedfate Sunday - We Left Some Behind :iconscriptedfate:scriptedfate 0 5 Von Reichter by scriptedfate Von Reichter :iconscriptedfate:scriptedfate 9 13 Why I'm not in Arts by scriptedfate Why I'm not in Arts :iconscriptedfate:scriptedfate 0 8
Dragon Stones - Chapter 1
               Chapter 1
1015 A.D.R. (After Dragon Rebirth)
     I awoke from my cot, aware of a pulsing, yet soft, light emanating from my desk. That was not what awoke me, however, that which awoke me was a faint chime resounding inside my skull. While waiting for my mental faculties to begin operating, I looked around my... home, for lack of a better word. It was a sparsely furnished structure having the cot I was sitting on; a wash basin in the corner; a small, tippy chair; a chest with all my belongings; and my small desk with the persisting white light. What was with it anyway? Suddenly recalling that I had set a Find spell searching and curled up for a nap, I woke up instantly. The only reason for the chime and pulsing light was if it had found what it was looking for!
     I stopped the mental alarm with a thought and pulled up the chair in front of my de
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kitschpartone by janaschi
Mature content
kitschpartone :iconjanaschi:janaschi 4,284 363
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Current Residence: Waterloo, Canada (Napoleon Beware!)
Favourite genre of music: Techno/Trance/Instrumental
Favourite style of art: Anime (tch. So I'm a fanboy. Deal!)
Operating System: Currently: WinXP
MP3 player of choice: My computer...?
Wallpaper of choice: Anything that catches my eye
Skin of choice: Birthday Suit. Duh?
Favourite cartoon character: Daffy Duck: The Ancient Egyptian God of Frustration (hehe)
Personal Quote: "Hunh?"
Music is such a wonderful thing. Today's update is brought to you from the Beyond Good & Evil unofficial soundtrack.

Sometimes I feel the need to just... do something. Well, that's not true. I don't want to do something, I want to do a specific something. Something profound, even.

Unfortunately I get these desires often, and I never have anything profound available to be done.

So, instead, I divert my energies into writing. I come up with peoples, places, and things that might thing I've done something worthy of being called 'profound'. I sometimes think my writing might be worthy of being labelled as such.

I'm wrong, of course.

But that doesn't stop me from writing. Even when it's late-at-night/early-in-the-morning. ESPECIALLY when it's late-at-night/early-in-the-morning. Some of what I consider my best writing was written under this particular duress.

Perhaps, as it is already tomorrow where I live, I should sleep. After all, I get to learn golf tomorrow... er, today. Well, early Sunday afternoon at any rate.



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Aquaguardianoflight Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2007
Well well, Scripted Fate. I must say I am quite Impressed with your written work. It has been far too long since I have witnessed even somewhat mediochre skills, more or less the obviousely gifted way you weave words, so to speak... I had become weary looking for a talent such as yours and do hope you will devote yourself to your writings, as I see a bright future ahead of you. I'd say more, but I suppose I'd just be rambling again. An unfortunate flaw of mine... It is also becoming hard to keep myself from falling asleep... I do hope to see more of your work soon. -Aqua, Guardian Of Light
licarto Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2005
Hi, thanks for the comment
i appreciate
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You have been the Victim of a RANDOM POUNCE:> cower in fear!
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Uwaaa local people. Yay! *randomly running around DA* ><
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Hello random person that I don't know! As much as I hate it when people are like "Hi! You live near me and therefore we should be the best of friends and I like cupcakes! omgomgbbqwtflolbrbomg!", I decided to say hello. Hello.
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'ello my random friend *waves*
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random deviant
your gallery is gorgeous
scriptedfate Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2004
I like random
whose gallery were you looking at?

I mean, seriously, there are many better galleries that deserve the title 'gorgeous' out there. Which one were you looking at when you made this comment?

Bah, maybe I'm just bad at handling praise. Thanks for dropping by!
jerix Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dude, I have to do this ( I was forced to do it) :) ... spred the word of love to the others....

YOU HAVE BEEN GLOMPED! Spread the glomping love around! Pick 4 of yer buddehs and paste this message on their userpage!

*dingding* RULES:
1- You can't glomp the person who glomped you!
2- You can't glomp the same person!
3- You -MUST- glomp 4 people! If you don't you're a terrible person and I shall take your soul!!
4- This must be put on their userpage! Nowhere else!
5- You must actually like the person to glomp them!
scriptedfate Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2004
Being forced to do this sort of defeats the purpose, does it not?

I'm all about the hugs and the showering of affection by those who are affectionate towards those who are less so.
However, when the feelings are forced or when it is part of a craze... well, it sort of busts my buttons.

In addition, I'm one of those people that will get a random 'chain'-esque piece of e-mail and specifically not comply with the 'conditions' or 'warnings' tacked on to the end of what would otherwise be a fairly decent piece of humour, wit, or insight. This is mainly because I can't STAND the things, but also because I like to think I'm a radical. :)

And if I do pass said things on, it is without the massive FWD FWD FWD REPLY FWD FWD FWD (to the googleplex'th power) and the 'warning condition of doom do this or else we'll all haunt you, you will die, you will live for only two weeks AND you will have no fun'... in fact I also encourage others to do the same. Heck, my own mother, as technologically illiterate as she is (love ya, mom), knows enough 'net'iquette to delete those things before passing them on (well, at least to me).

Woah, this turned into a rant of massive proportions... now if only I could be this inspired when it comes to calculus. Ick..

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