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Sleeping Spike Vector

By scrimpeh
Looking at my gallery, I noticed a disturbing lack of who is decidedly best pony. This had to be rectified at once, obviously.

The original image also contained a mop, but I left it out for better exploitability. If people really want to see that mop, I'll make a separate vector of it later.
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© 2012 - 2021 scrimpeh
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mind if I use this as part of a future project?
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Thank you for making these. :)

Also I use this [link].
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This looks really great! :thumbsup:
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Great job on vectoring Spike ~scrimpeh, I really love it:)
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Spike is definitely best pony.
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Sweet dreams....
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You're vectors been SPIKED!!! LOL. Great work.
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makes me think of the saying: the punch has been..... SPIKED!
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Nice work on the vector. Looks just like it was done from the series. :)

What software do you use to create this one? Just wondering.
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I'm using a really old version of Flash (Flash 8), from when it was still owned by Macromedia. It's probably not the ideal tool to make vectors, but it works to me.
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Who cares if it's not the ideal tool to make vector? You made it work, and that's what counts. :) :thumbsup: You really did a great job with the vector. Keep up the great work.
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