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Fluttershy carrying Rainbow Dash Vector

I was less than thrilled when I learned this vector had already been done. Trice. After already having finished all the outlines and looking for a color reference. Neither of the existing vectors contain the most important part though.
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It's like how Tails picks up Sonic
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To infinity and beyond!!!! Well, sorta. :giggle:
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omg lol i never noticed Angel on Fluttershy's tail XD ahahahaha 
Baby, I Don't Wanna Fly! You're My Baby! No, You're A Bad Guy! Baby! Bad Guy! Baby! Bad Guy! Baby! Bad Guy! Baby!
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The Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash interactions are the cutest part of every episode!
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What does Fluttershy want RD to do so bad she's dragging her... and what doesn't Rainbow Dash want to do so bad that Fluttershy has to drag her? Hahaha! A brilliant piece of art that spurs a lot of thought!
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I absolutely adore this vector!! x3
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What is a vector? I see that term everywhere.
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good thing I made the picture of this with sonic and tails in my profile. If you want, check it out on my page, trust me, you'll thank me when you do that!
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can i use this for a sec?
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Sure, go ahead.
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I loved that scene.
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Say "I AM JESUS" Rainbow Dash
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Reminds me of Sonic The Hedgehog 2.
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Personally, I didn't want to put Angel in there on my version.
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