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Bon Bon Vector

From "Green isn't your Color"

This vector is unusual because I made it with Inkscape instead of Flash, due to the new mandation of actual vector files (and Flash lacking .svg export support)
It was definitely very difficult getting used to the new program, so please do forgive if the outlines are kind of sloppy. However, I have to enormously thank mandydax for her tutorial - it was a huge help and helped me adapt very quickly: [link]

I wouldn't really call either program better for doing vectors. There are things one program does better than another, but in the end, both Flash and Inkscape are pretty much equal in their vector editing capabilities. As usual, the fine details gave me the most trouble. So much so, in fact, that I just nicked the Cutie Mark from RilDraw. Huge thanks to him of course, as well: [link]

With that in mind, if you want the actual vector file in all its freely scalable goodness, here you go: [link]

Lastly, it has been suggested to clarify usage permissions for vectors, but really, as far as I'm concerned, do whatever you want with it.
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nice picture of me!! imma use!!
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I used this here: [link]
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Used and credited [link]
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I used your vector here: [link] ; I also gave credit.
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This vector was used and credited here: [link]
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Hey, thanks for notifying me of him. Looks like all of his uploads are stolen - what a waste, haha
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Your welcome, I went though his gallery, and told everyone I either knew, or knew I could easily find that their stuff was stolen.
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She's adorable. :heart:
BON BON BONNY BON!!! :candy:
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