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Eastern Dragon

Random Eastern-like dragon thing I drew in Chinese School today. I tried to fix the neck digitally, as it looked really funny before... or maybe it looks worse now... I dunno.

Mechanical Pencil, scrap paper, boredom.
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I just want to say i used this BUTTTTT I changed the enter thing i just used the body kinda if u want more info pls email me at ty

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Hey there!
This is nightshades wife kiko on his account, this is perfection!! <3
My OC is dragon/wolf and this is PERFECT idea for her feral version!!
Now im not going to use your artwork because you asked for it not to be used but thank you for the inspiration for the design! <3
*NOT going to trace or edit or anything. i promise <3*
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can i use this as a base for some adoptables? or possibly get you to draw my character's markings on it?  ^-^
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sorry, but please don't use my art for other things, and i also don't take requests. thanks for asking though!

I love the way it looks like a wolf AND a dragon! Wolves and dragons are mah FAVORITE! Keep it up! (Please respond)


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thank you! :) they're pretty cool haha
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Amazing! i love the wolf anatomy!!! :heart:
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I didn't intend for it to look like a wolf haha but thanks
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oh, its face looks like a wolf ^^;
lol, your welcome. really nice job :D
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haha that's okay, I can see the resemblance! :)
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*phew*-ok, i didnt what to offend you :)
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Oh nah haha I wouldn't be offended by something like that, don't worry c: Sorry if I came off that way!
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Yay, I love it! It's a dragon and it looks like sorta like a wolfie!*hugs dragon* Keep it up! :aww:
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So cute! I love it ^^
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now this is some lovely line art. i like it!
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Cool Sketch. ^^

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I really like the paws <3
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you are the dragon master, ma'am :heart:
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Aww, thank you!! :heart:
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