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Rounded Blocks

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As I was designing a new header for my blog, I ended up making an entire font.

This is my first attemt, so any constructive criticism is very much appreciated.

If you use this, please let me know - I'd love to see what you've done with it. ;)
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I've used this font in my new (non-commercial) game Blinky and Pinky's Paintball Panic! :D - you have an entry in the game's credits ;)

Information - [link]
Download the test version - [link]
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Great font - I've been looking for a square one like this for ages :D

Just one thing - what's the status on using this for commercial projects?
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Well, I would like at least the font name to be mentioned somewhere (with a link, where applicable).
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I don't know if I'll do any commercial projects with it at the moment, but if I do I'll make sure I do that :aww:
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Nice font :) Thanks.

Using it on a Deus Ex warclan homepage:
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neat, i like!
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nice...n great font
Looks great, thanks!
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you're welcome :)
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Great job!
Thanks for sharing!
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You're welcome. :)
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i really like it
good job

DL and Faved
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Nice, very nice. Add uppercase letters and change k, v and w to square shape, we'll get one of the very few excellent tech fonts out there.
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I changed the k, v and w like you said and it really looks better. :D

Probably gonna do the uppercase part pretty soon.
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Thanks. It's a far better set now. Though, there's only a subtle difference between u and v. If you change v to its normal shape, it'd form a very good set of lowercase letters.
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You just said to change the 'v' into a square shape. I can't do that and make it very different from 'u'.

If by 'change v to its normal shape' you mean diagonal lines, it would end up from where it started. :|
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