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So far these musings are posted:

Daily Musing 1: In Memory of 24……

Daily Musing 2: Too Much Info……

Daily Musing 3: Ducky (NCIS)……

NEW! Daily Musing 4: How Do You See Green?


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So far these musings are posted:

Daily Musing 1: In Memory of 24

Daily Musing 2: Too Much Info

Daily Musing 3: Ducky (NCIS)
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So my pal :iconsweetnightmares: and I have decided to do a project which we call Daily Musings.  Basically we come up with a statemtent, idea, saying, article, or anything that come to mind and we illustrate a response to it.

So far our first musings are posted:

Daily Musing 1: In Memory of 24


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Summers here and school is over...

Hopfully this means more time for artistic opportunities, but yet the real world is knocking, actually the real world has broken down the door at this point and all I can do is answer.

Oh wells...

Also check out :iconwalrusmuffins:.  
A great drawing team who will be at Anime Boston this year.
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Worthwhile cause that deviantart is doing, do I need to say more?…
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By far the most amazing Pixar movie I've seen in a while.  Wall-E had so many amazing characteristics that made it a great movie.  I won't spoil any parts, but simply having a curious robot named Wall-E did it for me.  I really liked how Wall-E's personality is shown through his body language most of all.  Also by having a basic robot like himself made for some really interesting problem solving ideas he did throughout the movie.  

I totally give the movie two thumbs up and you all have to go see it.  I'm so ready to go see it as many times as I can.

Also the music was great and the artwork was beautiful, so I really want to get these:……

And maybe this: (last one I swear)…

Yay for Pixar!!!

Anywho, thats all for now

Take it easy - Scrible
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Well the summer vacation is in full swing and in full swing for me means working and taking summer art classes.  Right now I'm taking a life drawing class for 7 days at 8 hr.s a day.  Its intense, but I really like having a set time for drawing for a change.  Basically its 7 of us in the class and the classroom is located in a old gymnasium.  Its funny to draw on an old warped gym floor with art supplies and a nude model around ya.  I'd have to say it is a really good class, intense because its just 8 hrs. straight of drawing, but I really am enjoying it.  We just got into the skeletal system and had to draw a somewhat x-ray style charcoal drawing of the nude model, showing his/her skeletal system inside.  I am really liking it and I actually impressed myself with my work for a change.  So thats all for now, perhaps when I get all my work back after the class I can photo some and post it up here for all to see.

Also Check out :iconsweetnightmares: 's recent photo called Consumerism Smile.  He placed 3rd in a recent contest.  Congrats!

Take it easy

- Scrible
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So basically over a year later the first deviation appears, Woot!!! Haha took me some time, but I got it up there, but yet with a little incentive from my friend SweetNightmares.  Anywho "Keep it Green!!" like the bus says and all that fancy stuff.  

Also look up SweetNightmares if you want to check out some sick photography and other great Graphic Design projects.

Take it easy..

- Scrible
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So yeah, I haven't updated this in a while, but I thought I should.  Alas no work yet, but I swear something will be posted on here by atleast the end of this semester. *crosses fingers* :fingerscrossed:

Oh procrastination, lol.

Anyways, take it easy...


"The limitless possibilities and the
untold dread of a blank piece of paper...
the unbridled creativity of childhood...
the unexpected opportunities that spawn
ideas, question, an danswer.
In a world where dreams become realities...
The Sky's the Limit"

-The Imagineering Way: Ideas to Ignite Your Creativity
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"live your life until love is found,
'cause love's gonna get you down"
    - Mika

So true...
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Theres so much to do and no time really. :work:  This accurately describes the weeks that have passed.  I really really want to draw and create some art to put on here, but so far all my time has gone into academics / art for class.  :angered:Argghhh...  I need to escape :sprint: , or just get away for Spring Break like I have planned.  

I think Spring Break will definately help me out with creating works to put on here really. :w00t:  Seriously now, whats the reason to have a deviantart account and not contribute something.  It's great to look at everyone's awesome art, but I want to put some on here and see what people like, dislike, and ultimately go "WTF was he thinking"":shocked::confused::jawdrop:.  All in all I'm shooting to get some time over Spring Break to work on some stuff and get something on here.

Well, take it easy...

Scrible :comic:
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Happy New Years to All!!! :party: My goal for the New Year is draw more and post something on here. :painter:   I got two more weeks of Christmas Break, so some down time and hopefully drawing time.  Wish me Luck :bounce:
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I've created a few faces using pen and ink.  Hopefully more to come. :meditate:
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What to Draw? What to Draw? I'll use this a creative kick in the butt to get myself to draw something to put on here.  Just you wait. There will be art here soon enough. :O)
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