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PMDU Explorers App: Team Vivid



For :iconpmdunity: I've actually been meaning to make these guys for awhile. I love the Litwick and Tynamo lines.

Ugh. The more I look at this app, the more I hate it. As soon as someone evolves, I'm completely changing it.

Team Vivid

Solace "Ace", the powerful one
Species: Litwick
Height: 1"02
Weight: 7lbs
Lonely nature, strong willed
Moveset: Inferno, Will-o-wisp, Shadow ball and Energy ball
Ability: Shadow tag


Like some ghost types, Solace was once another pokemon, but died. For awhile she didn't know, she just thought she was born a ghost type, but then she started having dreams, that got worse and worse, and eventually ones that followed her as she was awake. She doesn't know what she did to die, but she knows it was unforgivable. So she ran. Away form her home, and her family, because she knew they weren't her real home, or real family. She ran away from her past, and she fought anyone who slowed her down. One day though, she met Dandelion, and then the dreams stopped. Because even if he was really weak, and slowed her down, he made her feal as if this life was the real one, not the old one. They both travel the world together.
Solace is incredibly strong, but  not resourceful, and despite being smart, is not very wise, plus her strategy is one of brute force, so trickier enemies can best her. Dan has taught her to use her candle wax to her advantage, and he actually made the wick for her so she didn't burn her guild hat. 
At first she only kept around Dandelion because he kept her visions away, but she quickly found herself getting fonder of him.

Dandelion "Dan", the friendly one
Species: Tynamo
Height: "10
Weight: 0.6 lbs
Relaxed nature, highly curious
Moveset: Tackle, Spark, Thunder wave and Charge beam
Ability: Levitate


Unlike most Tynamo, Dandelion felt no need to evolve. Actually he felt no need to do much at all, instead preferring to watch the beautiful electric crystals in his cave. But one day, some rougher electric types came into his cave to take the energy from the crystals, so they could power up their attacks. It was fine at first, but as the crystals became weaker, so did the Pokemon of the cave, and eventually his parents sent him out to go see the world, instead of rotting in his now-dreary home. So he did, and saw new places and new Pokemon, and he helped those in need. But after while, he missed his home but was to far away, and nothing else excited him anymore. Until he met Solace, who he thought he was protecting from a timburr, but it soon became her who rescued him. He immediately felt a need to help her, because he could tell she was more vulnerable the she let on. Soon he fell in love, but having the social and perceptive skills of an oran berry, Solace has failed to notice. He is almost like a big brother to her, and is usually calm, but he's lonely too, despite being friendly
Dandelion isn't very strong, preferring diplomacy, but can work alongside Solace with his Thunder wave, and can build up a lot of Sp. atk with Charge beam. He usually leaves the battling to Solace.

The two of them never stay in one place too long, but Dandelion helps Solace stop and smell the roses, and Solace helps Dandelion find something to believe in, and fight for it

EDIT: Added more bio text.
EDIT 2: 
Solace's ability is illegal, changed to Infiltrator
Dandelion obtained Flygoggles
We have 2 Starcoins
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Yo! I'm afraid that Litwick doesn't get Shadow Tag as any of its abilities. You'll have to change it to one of its legal abilities: Flash Fire, Flame Body, or Infiltrator.

Shadow Tag was Litwick's Hidden Ability in 5th Gen, but it was never actually legally obtainable, so you wouldn't be able to use it, regardless, I'm afraid.

Your application has been rejected from the Atlas for the time being. Please resubmit it once you've made the change to your Litwick's ability.