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PrinceOfRedRoses is opening comissions again in August and i wanna commission them so freaking badly. They're the person who does art for the Rinmaru games. 
I'm absolutely in love with their style, and i want to at least get a chibi of Ebony in their style. 
I'd really like a simple backround ship image of DanEb, but i wont be too greedy. 

So i only have 33 pts, and a simple chibi is 1,000. 
A Half body shot is 1500, and it may be an extra 1000 for a second character.. 
The prices may change or availability may change when comms open back up for them, but for now, i'm assuming the june-july prices apply. goal is 2500. and 1000 at the very least. 
i know, its alot. But..i need muns. i is broke ;^; 

So here is all my updated commission info!

-At least partial payment *required* before i start 
-Stay in contact with me as i'm working on it in case i need your input on something about it. 
-I will do my best to give you what you ask at the highest quality i can manage, and that may take time. You will definately get the quality of work you pay for with me ^^ that said, just because its a more cheaper commission, doesnt mean it'll look like shit. i spend at least 2 hours on every peice i make ^^ usually its 4 or more tho XD )
-I also can rarely get on the computer at home, so that may add to time as well.
-I live with my parents still, and the only computer we have is in my dads room. So no extreme nsfw. I can do suggestive, but no nudity, save for non sexualized nudity. 
- Full image Referance must be provided for each chara, no excuses. (when i say full, i mean a full body referance, not just a picture you drew of them. I need color palletes. ^^ if you're commissioning for a ref sheet, just draw a full body image of the character, and their color palletes, with a back view head shot. just so i know what they look like ^^) bio of each character, or a quick summary of their personality. (this helps me capture their personality in the action their doing in the commission ^^) 
-If you dont have the full payment at the time of completion, i will hold onto the peice until you do.
-friendly transactions~(meaning dont badmouth me if you dislike what you paid for. simply tell me, and i can fix whatever needs to be fixed, or refund you if absolutely necessary, but you may not keep the piece anyway.)
-I will do:
*femboys, males, females, muscle, ponies, wolves/dogs, cute, scary, gore, pastel gore, yaoi, ocs, suggestive ocs  
I will not do:
*Dragons, explicit nudity, bara/lots of muscle, fanart (its only for myself, sorry XD), masculine females, yuri, hentai, porn 
*I reserve the right to edit this list at any time.*
-Any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to message me. 

Please fill out this form when commissioning, it keeps things nice and neat. ^^

-Commission Type:
-Character Ref: link or brief synopsis:
-Behavior: (how would they act in this instance?)
-Animation: (if applicable)
-Other info:
-Specific Requests:
-Total price:

from here, i'll decide how much of the 'acceptance fee' you pay. which is basically just the partial payment needed for me to start, it isnt extra. XD 

Now for the actual commissions themselves:

*Tumblr Text Quote
*LGBT+ Couple Art
^^^^*Info for these are on my page!~


Headshot Sketch
Simple Traditional or Digital headshot, includes shoulders. 
Same variants as the other human sketches. 
Loose ver- 10 pts
Lineart-20 pts
New Oc WIP!!!-Ebony by ScribblySkiesStudios

New Oc WIP!!!- Orebein by ScribblySkiesStudios

Lil Oreb Sketch by ScribblySkiesStudios

-Loose Sketch
*(Torso/Hips only) 
its a messy sketch of your character, doing some action. Default is standing still.
+5 for girl (+10 for med boobs, +15 for large)
+10 for visible hands
Flat price: 15pts.
*Full: +10 for girl, (10 for med boobs, +15 for large)
Flat price: 30pts

Cleaned Sketch-
*(Torso/Hips Only)
a slightly cleaner version of the loose sketch. No lines in the face, joints, ect.
Flat Price: 25pts
Flat Price: 40pts

(Torso/Hips Only)
Clean line art, uncolored.
+10 for curve tool (perfectly smooth lines)
Flat Price: 40pts.
Flat Price: 60 pts

LineArt (Backround Variant)
this is a line art drawing of your character, but with a backround behind them. The line art will be colored in white, and laid over the backround. Its a nice aesthetic peice ^^
+15-20 for detailed bg
 Flat Price: 65 pts.

Single Character
fully colored, shaded. 
Color or non complex backround
+10 for patterned background
+30 for more complex bg
Eb On A Statue by ScribblySkiesStudios
Orebein Lucidus In Pastels by ScribblySkiesStudios

Rain AT by ScribblySkiesStudios
Ersym-Req by ScribblySkiesStudios

Give Him Slep by ScribblySkiesStudios
Flat Price: 100 pts

Dual Character:
Same as single, just more because of the extra character. 
+20 for couple interaction
Under A Tree by ScribblySkiesStudios
I love You by ScribblySkiesStudios
DanEb Baking Lesson by ScribblySkiesStudios
Eb X Daniel-2 by ScribblySkiesStudios
Eb X Daniel- 1 by ScribblySkiesStudios
Bleh for punzieflower2002 by ScribblySkiesStudios

Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh by ScribblySkiesStudios

Mature Content

Two Sides To Everyone by ScribblySkiesStudios

Flat Price: 120 pts (40 per character, and 40 for shading and color)

Couple Sketch
Comes in loose and clean versions. 
No nsfw for these. 
DanEb Teaser/WIP 1 by ScribblySkiesStudios
price varies on amount of each body shown. 

(All of these will be lined with the curve tool if they aren't sketches)

Loose Sketch-
since these are so easy, it's super cheap. these are different from human loose sketches because there arent many joints and such i actually draw. so basically just the head circle will remain.
+10 pts per character
Flat price: 10 pts

Clean Sketch-
Done with a pastel brush for aesthetic ^^ its how i do all my sketches now. looks nice and traditional in a way ^^
+10 per character
Flat Price: 15 points

Head and Chest shot.
includes a wing if your chara has one
+10 for normal wing
+15 for  outstretched detailed wing, like Skye's. 
Flat Price- 30pts 

Cutie Mark Design-
transparent image of a custom cutiemark that fits your character. Helpful if you cant decide on one that fits. ^^
+10 for complexity/detail
Flat Price- 10 pts

Head and Flank shot-
can be a normal standing pose or reared back/flying. 
ex: (its an old image, i know)
Harmonyskish(moonflare)chibi Keychain commish by ScribblySkiesStudios
Flat Price: 40 pts

full body–lineart
>drawn traditional or digital 
+10 per character, 3 chara max
Flat Price- 40 pts

Single Character
fully lined, cell shaded with some blending
Color/non complex backround (+30 for complex bg)
BlakeFlate gift-1 by ScribblySkiesStudios
(AT) Dark Star by ScribblySkiesStudios
Doodle Loser Fusion by ScribblySkiesStudios
Flat price- 50pts

Double Character
same as single chara
Contest Entry for @Bluefly's Shipping contest by ScribblySkiesStudios
SKai 2 by ScribblySkiesStudios
Art Trade-wolfy283 1-2 by ScribblySkiesStudios
SKai trad-1 by ScribblySkiesStudios


-Chibi Keychain Design
>fully colored, inked, and shaded.
>your oc or any oc, but you must give credit to original. Adopts are fine as well, because they are your oc. ^^
Harmonyskish(moonflare)chibi Keychain commish by ScribblySkiesStudios
Base Ink over 1-Skye's Ipod Comparison by ScribblySkiesStudios
(this s a comparison, i know.)
Ebony Livestream logo~ by ScribblySkiesStudios
Flat Price 40 points.

Referance sheet (Human and pony)
-color pallete provided
-details of chara
+25 for outfit referance if its more than one.
+10 for single outfit ref

Flat Price: 70 pnts

Pastel Gore
i love these so much. They will be marked 'mature' so be warned when i post them.
These can also be clean sketches/ pastel brush lined for cheaper.(-20pts)

Non-Pixel Page Doll
Flat image or Simple animation, fully colored, cell shaded
Flat Price: 65pts

Icon Commission-
a nice little icon for either your dA profile, or your avatar. ^^ 
Fully colored, cell shaded

Gif commission:
simple animation, no more than 10 frames long. 
>price depends on frame count and difficulty. flat price based on 2 frames
Ex: (the example i have was my first attempt, your product wont look so rough XD )

Flat price: 50pts

+Speedpaint to any commission not animated
must include a list of songs up to 8 minutes total, in case the speedpaint is longer. If no list is provided, i will use whatever songs i think fit. ^^

if none of these commissions fit what you want, then this commission is for you. Get exactly what you want! Just be sure to tell me in detail what it is you want, so i can make sure i can do it. 
Price is based on complexity and difficulty.
Flat Price- 100pts

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