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Todays topic: Scary stories/scary narratives

okay this isnt really something that makes me mad, but it just annoys me a little.

I really love listening to scary stories on youtube, and watching animated scary stories, things like that. 
But i notice nowadays alot of the scary stories are just stories of like, break ins, murderers, ect..
Those arent super freaky to me, but maybe its just because i guess i prefer the paranormal ones?
ghosts, unexplained disturbances, people going to haunted places, stuff like that is good, and it gives me the good kind of heebie jeebies. 

what kinds of scary stories do you guys like?

Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk today on Scary stories :3 
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Today's topic: "Oddly Satisfying" videos. 

I love these, bit it offends me that like, every one of them have at least one Asmr clip and some, it's like, at least 10. 
Like. WHYYY.

This has been Skye's TedTalk, thank you for coming. 
ya bois laptop be back 
lets hope it stays up ;v;
Today's edition:
DeviantArt art titles.

It really annoys me when people are their shit something that has nothing to do with the art. Like, they'll have referance art of their oc, and title it "and they flew off to the stars" or something edgy relating to suicide.
That's not your ocs name.
If the art is like, them flying in the sky or cutting or sonething-


Thanks for listening to my TedTalk.

(also probably gonna make this a series for whenever i need to rant)
my laptop decided to shit all over itself. 
It won't start now. 
At all. 
I may have to buy an entirely new one. 
So guess my idea of being productive again is FUCKED. 
have a new charger, and now it's at about 75-80% working order.
it still needs to be in a certain position to charge, but it isnt as finicky as my other charger!
so the pin inside my laptop is little bit loose. 
bus im back booooyyiieeeeeee
ill work on my comm prices
and KnM 
and my other little personal side series.
and some art XD
ahhhh i missed you laptop ^^
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I don't know if I will be..
My boyfriend's parents are getting in the way. It's like they don't want him to be his own person.

So yeah. Who knows when I'll have my laptop working again..

Ughhhhhhh I just love this -_-

Sorry guys, guess my account will be dead till further notice.
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okay so im giving everyone a code from the contest thing for free cuz fuck i have a lot of codes

also uh, "selling" some others for ocs, art, or whatever!~

remember, these are offers, so if i dont necessarily like your offer, i have a right to refuse
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So even my boyfriend thinks its just the charger. So in two weeks, when i move to our new apartment/house, i will be getting a new charger. until then, art will be slow, nd i'll have to write KnM on my tablet. 

for now, though, im visiting my boyfriend for another week. I'm using his laptop as much as i can, so there's that.
As for art, though, im only going to work on art trades and personal art while im here. the rest is gonna be writing the revamp of KnM.

I do plan to leave the original series up on dA, at least until publishing resumes. 
After that, i'll likely take them down and maybe leave a stash link for those that wanna reread the original?but i honestly will likely just take down the original entirely. 
I will seriously try to keep updates this time on the KnM official twitter, if not here. Here's that link, for those who dont have it:

i said it last time, and then forgot. XD
Alright, back to slaving away X3
((i kid, i kid, i love my boys. and (spoiler alert) the rewrite is better than the original ))
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Hello everyone. How are you all? 
It's been some time, hasn't it?
I'm so sorry I haven't been as active as i used to since graduating high school last year. 
Things have been pretty hectic for me, scheduling wise and mental health wise. 
Art aside, I'm mostly here to talk about my writing. 

As some (or all of you) may know, I'm the creator/author of Kabin No Ma. It's been a very long time since the last chapter. I'm here to explain why that is, and also update on that. 
So when I first got the idea for the series, I planned out a bit in my head and then just started writing, planning to just go with it like I do with rps. But that resulted in my writing many chapters at once, then running into a block where I didn't know what to do next without doing another large timeskip. 
When I tried to think of ideas, and search for inspiration (the first break the series went through), I felt pressured. Nothing came naturally, so no ideas were very good. Those that were, couldn't happen right now. They were "later on" ideas. So basically, I nearly burned myself out with KnM.
Which is something I never want to do. These boys bring so much joy to me, and they make me really happy. I really want to be able to tell their story in a way that does it justice.

Jacksepticeye has made some very good points in a recent video (Refunct), which are along the lines of "despite absolutely loving what you do, sometimes it's hard to do it. Doing what you love doesn't always Grant you happiness 100% of the time. It's easy to fall into the trap where you do something you love, but if you don't love it 100% of the time anymore, then you start to doubt it and wonder if you truely even actually love it anymore. So it's important to take a break. It's fine to not be your best all the time. Take time off. If you need more than a day, take it. Take a month, take whatever you need. Just keep trying. Keep that positivity."
And that's why there hasn't been any Kabin No Ma. I took time off because I felt burnt out. I still love my boys. And I still want to write. 
This brings me to a second point. 
Kabin No Ma is going to be rewritten, entirely. 
I got to reading the posted chapters and I'm just..overall not pleased with it. So I'm going to rewrite it. 
Now that doesn't mean chapters will be posted again soon. 
This simply means I'll be writing.
I'll be writing them, and archiving them until I have a really hefty amount of chapters, and I'm fairly into the progression of the story. 
I will keep updates on the progress of the series on my page, so you all know what chapter I'm on. 
I appreciate you all being understanding and patient with me. I promise, I will make the wait worth it for the rewrite. Just please, don't give up on the series, or the boys. 
Thank you all for listening, and I hope to see you in the first chapter of the KnM rewrite. 
ScribblySkiesStudios <3
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so feel free to add me!~

My code is 0781 0828 4437 (ScribblySkies1)
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This art-

Boner fuel xD 
But seriously ajdjcndkcndckdk so good. 
 i made a small raffle again!~
please participate a lot!
Thank you!!
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Star! winner (1)       Star! winner (2)

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SO it might be a pin inside cane undone or maybe its just the charger.
im taking it to a repair shop next chance ui have so wish me luck

right now the only way i have to draw is traditional.
which is hard for me now because digital is easier and im used to it.
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they're a fucking asshole shaming the lgbt community. 
And the worst part?
They revel in the fact people are sending them shit for it. They love that people hate them. That people are all blocking them, and they'll be in big trouble with dA, quite likely. 
They even think how we're reacting is "a bit much". 
Please. Block them. Report them. SOMETHING!! They cant be allowed to stay on dA.



EDIT 2: Before telling me to ignore them, on this journal, It's too late because this literally has been signal boosted by so many people to the point I've literally lost count along with major mmd groups. Everyone literally has their attention on them, just ignoring them isn't gonna solve anyone's problem if you're wishing to protect others, and it's honestly too late to turn back now.
Plus just because they've done something minor, does not mean they can't do anything major to

also, stay away from their shitty group, MMDfree
mmd stuff is fine, but not when it's a front for hate.
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so my laptop charger is going to fuck, and it has to be in a weird, specific position to charge, and that positon constantly changes if i move. Soooo
yet another delay on FUCKING EVERYTHING until i have money to get a new charger. 
so annoyed..
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Okay so I know I don't post a lot, but I promise I'm not dead~
Its just, procrastination hits like a truck on the free times i have. 
And when i get inspiration, its usually right when i'm going to sleep. 
I know i promised KnM would be back in full swing, but i'm just idea searching. I dont wanna admit it to you guys,but I have an idea for the next chapter but i just havent had enough constant motivation to write it. Plus i fear once i do write it, i wont have an idea for after, and i'll have to timeskip really far...
I appreciate those who bear with my lack of chapters, and lack of art in general. 
But i should also say, i'm practicing certain things now, to broaden my artistic capabilities. 
Right now, what i'm practicing is:
-lewd poses
-gonna start cattos soon
-Getting back into ponies
-general human posing

-Plus other stuff i cant think of

I know i need to get my shit together. I know. I also need to update this years comm prices. I need the money. I'm just so not together this year...Ever since shit with Kai, shortly before i broke up with him, i havent had much motivation for artistic least not consistent. My boyfriend is helping me emotionally, but i cant explain why my artistic motiv has gone to absolute shit.
It isnt fair to you guys. I'm so sorry you have to put up with this. But i thank you for it. 
And i promise, starting tomorrow, i'll try to get to KnM, updating comm prices, and hopefully more art. 
Maybe if you guys gave me a bit of a push, it might help me stop procrastinating;; But please be nice about it if you do, i'm only human.
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saw Teaochi do this, so I thought I would do it to distract myself from the mood I'm in. so herrrrr we go~!

1.what's your gender?
-Male (Transsexual, Trans-male

2. what are your pronouns?
- He/Him/His

3. is your family accepting?
- Nope...

4. what do you wish you could tell your past self?
DONt treat kris the way you are..he's the best you'll ever get in life, and he /is/ genuine with his words. Stop doubting him and just love him endlessly.

5. what is your sexuality? 
- Homoflexible. (mostly gay, with occasional bi tendencies)

6. favorite color?
-Cyan, Pastels

7. sun gay or moon gay?
- uhh?

8. when did you find out your sexuality?
- Ifound i was bi in about middle school, not sure what age, then i rode the Bisexual cycle awhile, and now i'm set at Homoflexible. XD i'm confusing, i know. my preferance changed so much XD

9. how was your day?
- absolute ass...i had to leave my boyfriend where he lives to go back home, 3-4 hours away.... ;A;

10. do you have any gay friends?
-so fucking many XD all my friends are faggots and i love them XD (jk, most are, but still xD)

11. what’s your favorite hobby?
-  Drawing, listening to music, gaming

12. who’s the best gay icon in your opinion?
- Joey Graceffa

13. which pride flags do you like the most design/color wise?
- Transgender, Gay(the original, not the recent new version), Asexual, Bigender, Two Spirit, Transsexual.

14. are you openly out?
- With my friends and literally everyone that isnt my parents: Yes. With my parents: hell fucking no.
15. are you comfortable with yourself?
- Sexually and identity wise? Mostly...i just feel like, no matter what i do, i'll always still be seen as female...

16. bottom or top?
- Mmm, both, but i have a strong preferance for bottom. I just sometimes get dommy XD

17. femme or butch?
- Chapstick (in the middle) 

18. do you bind?
- I used to, with those sports bandages, but they fucked up my body,so i'm waiting to have funds for a proper binder.

19. do you shave?
- "down there": yes. Armpits: sometimes Legs: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPEEE

20. if you could date anyone you wanted, who would it be?

21. do you have a partner (s)?
- yesh~

22. describe your partner (s)?
-  He's the gayest fucker ever, but he's the tastiest snacc and i love him and his furry ass to death. He's strong and kind and caring, and he forgives me, even when i dont deserve it.

23. have you ever dated anyone of the same sex?
- uhh, before i realized i was trans? yes. one girl, then after, two guys, one was trans, but he was a fucking mentally abusive asshole

24. anyone of another sex?
- yes. Again, each during different stages.

25. pastel gay or goth gay?
-definately pastel gay

26. favorite dad in dream daddies?
- Craig (he looks like how i wanna look XD)

27. tell me a random fact about yourself?
- i have crippling romantic based paranoia and anxiety.

28. do you own any pride flags/merch?
- A broken rainbow bracelet that matches my bf's. i want more tho

29. have you ever been to a pride parade?
- ddkbnvdfjngjgnbjkng no but i want to so fucking baddddddd

30. any advice to someone who isn’t out or who are exploring themselves?
-Dont be afraid of what others think. Faimily is different, especially if you live with them, and theyre like mine. But still, have courage, and maybe one day you can come out to them, but just be yourself everyday!!
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so i have a tH code, and as of right now, no one to give it to. 
so i'm auctioning it off!
this is NOT first come first serve, this is simply who has the better offer.
i'll accept art or points. Ask about offering ocs. 

i have one good offer so far!~

Start bid for points is 200.
yes, its high, but t.H codes are rare.

Art I'll accept:
Full bodies/ Halfs/ Busts/Headshots
Gifs/animations (if you wanna be that generous ombkfv)

I wanna set a minimum limit for art, but i dunno.. i just dont want wimpy offers, you know?

And, as a bonus, anyone who offers something so amazing i cant refuse, gets an extra special secret prize as well! (which may or may not be art related cough cough)

i'll check back daily. Right now there's no time limit on this auction, its just until i see an offer i cant refuse or until bids stop for at least 2 days straight.
I'll "feature" tag each bid, and have a Comment for misc comments, to keep it organized.
Good luck!~

also, i'm tagging some folks who i'm not sure have t.H so they see this and also have a chance XD
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yep, another one of these to keep me organized OwO

-Finish Base detail info for all ocs on t.H
-Update commissions and prices for 2018
-Work on Shinta Reg. Pokemon for SearayGaming 
-Write Kabin No Ma Chapters
-Do more knm art
-work on certain human poses/practice heads again {fukk meeee))

let me know if i forgot anything!
art trades
that kinda stuff. 
i can never keep track, thats why i need theseeeeeee rip