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Hey guys! Always looking for friends, because right now i dont have data service on my phone, so i cant go to pokestops. I am completely out of pokeballs, and i dont have money to buy more. So if you'd like to friend me and send gifts, that would be great! When i get my data service back, I'll be in Orlando, and theres literally pokestops on every street corner there xD so I'll be returning all gifts in due time. Also, when i move to orlando, you can dm me if you live there too and wanna trade or battle!

My friend code is 0781 0828 4437, and the user is ScribblySkies1 :3 

Thanks to all who friend me!~
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I officially have respect for anyone who can tolerate making an animation in flipaclip. 
Its so slow
Unnecessarily difficult
Free version limits so much
And for my tablet, i have to buy a special stylus to even draw with it


I'll stick to trying to animate with medibang/ms, and a gif maker xD then adding sound in movie maker thank
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Why does everyone hate the idea that Scorbunny may be fire/fighting?????
i think the typing is fine. 
I mean
Blaziken dudes
Theres alot of good Fire/fighting types
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: Important!! PLEASE READ!!: Update.

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 16, 2019, 6:13 PM
Art and CSS Yuminn

So im sure you all know how my account has basically been dead for awhile.
I explained in another journal, but my laptop doesnt work right. It doesn't stay powered for long, and it doesnt like to charge. 
I could just draw on the home computer, but the chair is garbage and it physically hurts to sit in. 
The only time i draw digitally now is if i absolutely have to get an idea down because i hate drawing traditional. I started trad, and evolved to digital, because its easier. 

Anyway, i will come back with more art, and will eventually continue KnM. 
But for now, if you guys want some art from me, im on Sudomemo! Sudofox has brought back Hatena as Sudomemo. If you dont know how to connect to it with your dsi, the instructions are onsite. If you don't have a dsi, theres a website too.
My username is S.Skies.S

I wont post regularly, but i will be focusing on animating for awhile, until i move in with my boyfriend. Unless i can get a job, that could be 10 months from now. 

I'll be drawing ponies, Kabin No Ma, and random things i feel like doing. I really hope you'll check them out! Even if you habe to view on the site, i plan to put love in every animation, even the random crack ones xD 
And dont worry, the audio will be hd! 
I may even do animation presents for some people, or whatever. Its really whatever i want. 

Also if you wanna reccomend me some animation memes to do, ill make a discord group ^^ 
Just dont recommend me that goddamn hit or miss meme. Please. 

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Journal Entry: Fri Jan 4, 2019, 5:23 PM

its a site for thirteen year olds.
They're super strict, and you cant do anything without them being anal to you.
They're desperate for users and they expect you to be on 90% of your time.
Also i was reported for trying to invite others to another site.
The discussions online are all public, so you dont have a dm system in place. One could argue they do, but in order to find someone to message, you have to go in the forums.
Long story short:

Journal CSS made by caybeach
Brushes by gvalkyrie

I want to make something clear.

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 9, 2018, 9:33 PM
I am aware of the existence of the anime "A Centaur's Life". 
And I'm aware a character im it looks much like Ebony. 
But o want people to understand I made Ebony before this anime existed, so I am in no way copying them. I won't say they're copying me, because it's purely coincidence. 
Also, it's purely coincidence the voices are the same as well. Ebony has enough differences to set him apart. 

Skin Art: Zaellrin

Holy shit :3

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 7, 2018, 1:50 PM
so as you guys know, ihavent always been the most emotionally table... and i have a story to tell you that explains why i was, but nowhave changed. 

Once there was a girl, we'll call her Skye, who didnt know she wasnt a girl, as she was sheltered her whole life, unaware of lgbt. She came out in middle school as bi, then gay, and basically was riding a bisexuality cycle until she reached high school and after. Shewas hurt countless times, and it made her become cold to others, and treat those who only wanted to showher love, in the worst ways. She said some horrible things about someone who truely loved her, and only left like the others for his own mental health, because  shetreated him so badly.
Years later, this girl realized she wasnt a girl, and came out to his friends as trans. He graduated, and failed at the marines, so he was stuck workinng at mcdonalds.  Little did he know, the man he still loved, the man who had left because the man mistreated him, would come into the same mcdonalds he worked in. Skye braved the risk of the other hating him, and talked to him.  They got along, back to friends as they once were, but then tragety struck. a storm made Skye have move away, and after he moved, things started falling apart in his relationship with his boyfriend. His boyfriend turned abusive and cruel, and Skye began to wish for a second chance with his ex. So many people had betrayed him, that he found it hard to trust, and his abusive boyfriend made things worse. skye had been destroyed by others, to the point he even swore he'd give up dating at times, yet here he was with an abusive boyfriend. Despite his friend being in a relationship, he confessed to his friend, and ex, who shockingly accepted. they officially started dating Febuary 2nd, 2018, and datedfor 10 months. Skye was scared even still to plan for the future, in case things went sour, so it wouldnt hurt as much. They went on a trip for Skye's 20th birthday, and  suddenly, his boyfriend proposed, in front of Cinderella's Castle in Disneyworld. Skye was so shocked, he reacted shyly, almost as if dismissing it, purely from shock. It took until night for it to finally sink in, and he confidently called his partner his fiance. he can confidently now trust his fiance enough to plan for the future. 

yes, this story is true, and it is mine. a shortened version, sure, but still.
I'm engaged! and i have never been this happy. its like all darkness in my heart and being was banished when this was put on my finger. 
I wanted you allto know, im no longer unstable, but that doesnt mean i'll never draw vent art again. he and i both have depressionn, so we're bound to have down time, plus i tend to bee inspired by sad songs. 

anyway, i thought you all would like to know!~

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Journal Entry: Thu Oct 18, 2018, 12:32 AM
Yeah its shit but im making one for my art!!
Same name as here, and I'll have some hopefully cool stuff once i figure it out  XD
I have a few more days till its public tho

Skin Art: Zaellrin

Update on All statuses

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 20, 2018, 4:37 PM

So i know i've been pretty inactive here as of late. Low motivation is a contributer, but also because i can only use my laptop for four hours before i have to shut it off and let it charge, or it stops working all together on me. 
Aside from that, i have so many ideas i want to draw, but i just cant do what i want with Medibang. I can do decently enough, but not everything. SO-
when i do draw, i think it will be mlp stuff for awhile. 
i wanna show off some stuff of my characters that i havent before, including things that arent devientart friendly XD
so journals will be more frequent, so i can tell you guys when i update tH characters, and stuff like that.
Sorry for those who want more human art...i just need a break from drawing  humans/humanoids for my mental health. i hope you all understand!~

Kabin No Ma:

I wont lie, i havent been writing it for awhile. I'm not even through the Chapter 1 rewrite..
honestly its a struggle to write, not because i dont enjoy it, but because i have a hard time finding motivation to pace things out so that i dont write a few chapters then skip an entire year. I want it to be a good series, but if no one is into it, then i dont see a point in trying to flesh things out. I want this series to be part of my career. I have plans to sell merch. but if i dont get much feedback i feel like no one cares. and yeah, ive heard "well if you like it, just write it for yourself! what matters is if you like it and are passionate about it, not what others think!"
but they dont know how i feel. i dont like wasting my time publicising a story not one cares about. I could just draw spoilers and never write the series, and people would respond more to that. I love that people like my art, but i want them to like what its from too. You know?

Art i owe others:

Im sorry for anyone i owe an art trade or something to that requires drawing humans/humanoids.
I will do them, i promise. if im buying somthing that i need to draw to pay you for, i will do it. i will. im not a thief. i just need some time.  Please believe me on that.

When i move in with my boyfriend, i'll try to be more active when im not working. 
thank you all for understanding. im so sorry for those who dont like my mlp art, please dont unfollow. humans will return eventually!

promotion for a friend:

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 10, 2018, 9:33 PM

so my friend is doing a contest for her group!
i cant enter, because im so behind on art
so im sharing for her :3

<da:thumb id="763231590"/>

is anyone actually into Kabin No Ma, its characters, and their story?
or am i just writing it for myself at this point?

because i dont wanna be forcing myself to look for ideas for it to seem more realistic if im the only one into it. 

should i even keep writing KnM or does no one actually give a fuck if it exists or not?
okay sorry im suuper inactive here now. Ive been making boys and all the art i make just goes onto tH
im debating making this just for knm art, but that might not be good.
anyway, i'll try to post the oc stuff i do!~
oof this is super late.
tagged by CorruptedFinch
oo okay here we go-


1. Post these rules.

2. Post 8 random facts about your character.

3. Tag 8 other creators. 

4. Post their OC's name along with their creators name/avatar.

Ebony Lenonius

-He had an older brother, who fell in love with a human/angel(still deciding), but was killed by an angel.
-His favorite fruit is strawberries, and one of his favorite drinks is strawberry milk.
-He's dating a human, who spoils him a bit too much.
-He loves bunnies and kitties and other cute animals. 
-He seems tough to get to know at first, because hes defensive, but hes actually a soft bean who needs all the love and cuddles :3
-He loves k-pop, and kawaii edm music.
-He is NOT a midget. He is just short. So anyone who calls him that can fuck off. It's insulting.
-He actually really loves fashion, and tries to stay upto date on the cutest trends. He loves wearing oversized pale pastel pink cashmere sweaters at home, when he isnt stealing one of Daniel's shirts to wear.

@CorrupedFinch (Theo) {tag backksssXD }
HarmonySkish (Moonie or Monday)
BlueFOR3V3R  (Daemon or Loki)
FangWolfsbane (Ezekiel, Aamon, Zuko, or Shiroi-shi.)
thats all i can really tag ;^;

so for some reason, my art program stopped working on my laptop, and my techy boyfriend cant fix it nomatter what he does.

im stuck using FireAlpaca till we figure it out, and fucking hate it.

so lets clarify something-
before i used Manga Studio 5, iused FireAlpaca.
it was fine. its more or less a shitty manga studio. (you cant do as much, and thingsare way more convaluted than they need to be to do.)

but lately, idk if it was an update that did this, but FA cant run for very long before it breaks and stops responding, fucking up my drawing. it sits on this loading cursor that selectively reads FRACTIONS OF YOUR STROKES. the only way to fix it is to completely close out the damn program. so i gotta save, then close it out and fucking boot it up again. 
so art is gonna be 
a) reaaaaallly slow
b)fucking shitty
c) just ass sketches

and nobody recommend me Autodesk because that shit is annoying. i hate using autodesk even more.
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Todays topic: Scary stories/scary narratives

okay this isnt really something that makes me mad, but it just annoys me a little.

I really love listening to scary stories on youtube, and watching animated scary stories, things like that. 
But i notice nowadays alot of the scary stories are just stories of like, break ins, murderers, ect..
Those arent super freaky to me, but maybe its just because i guess i prefer the paranormal ones?
ghosts, unexplained disturbances, people going to haunted places, stuff like that is good, and it gives me the good kind of heebie jeebies. 

what kinds of scary stories do you guys like?

Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk today on Scary stories :3 
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Today's topic: "Oddly Satisfying" videos. 

I love these, bit it offends me that like, every one of them have at least one Asmr clip and some, it's like, at least 10. 
Like. WHYYY.

This has been Skye's TedTalk, thank you for coming. 
ya bois laptop be back 
lets hope it stays up ;v;
Today's edition:
DeviantArt art titles.

It really annoys me when people are their shit something that has nothing to do with the art. Like, they'll have referance art of their oc, and title it "and they flew off to the stars" or something edgy relating to suicide.
That's not your ocs name.
If the art is like, them flying in the sky or cutting or sonething-


Thanks for listening to my TedTalk.

(also probably gonna make this a series for whenever i need to rant)
my laptop decided to shit all over itself. 
It won't start now. 
At all. 
I may have to buy an entirely new one. 
So guess my idea of being productive again is FUCKED. 
have a new charger, and now it's at about 75-80% working order.
it still needs to be in a certain position to charge, but it isnt as finicky as my other charger!
so the pin inside my laptop is little bit loose. 
bus im back booooyyiieeeeeee
ill work on my comm prices
and KnM 
and my other little personal side series.
and some art XD
ahhhh i missed you laptop ^^
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