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[V] No purpose.. by ScribblySkiesStudios [V] No purpose.. by ScribblySkiesStudios

Vent one of many…

So some stuff has happened lately in my life, that’s made me very not okay. I cry almost every night, and I’ve fallen apart in front of a close friend. I’ve been talking to a few people about this recently, and in someways, its helped, but the pain I feel is always still there. :iconharmonyskish: I thank you for supporting me and being so helpful, despite the time differences that don’t allow us to talk much.

There have been others, but not many are on dA. I do want to thank :iconkibathelastwhitewolf: as she was the first one I told about it.

So Skye tore off his wings…he has no motivation to fly anymore. So he feels no need to have them. So he tore them off. They could always be reattached with magic, but he doesn’t much care. He and I both just want to lay in bed forever and just die.

SO sorry, but over the next while, I’ll probably be posting vents, or otherwise depressing artwork…I know I said I’d be inactive..but, art helps me cope. That and rps XP so yeah..

and yes, this is greyscale. i have Manga Studio 5 that my dad got me, and i never use it, so i'm figuring it out now.

lunarwing0 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
HarmonySkish Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hhhhh man 
what you just wrote is honestly the most relateable thing i've ever read

One day, you're going to miss being able to fly, flying away from what's bothering you and all that's left behind will be regret and the sense of anxiety that things will never get better.

I know it's hard now, i'm here myself, but you gotta keep pushing forward and keep fighting, over time, whether it be weeks, or months or even years, it will get better. 
you yourself may also want to lay down and die, but you have to get up, you have to keep fighting, 
write down what your grateful for, everyday, even if its just about the little things. listen to music, 7 seconds is all you need. 

It's ok to cry in front of people, it's ok to rely on people. it's ok to be  Vulnerable in front of them, and let them take care of you. 
don't bottle up your emotions, or hide how you're feeling for the sake of other people. 
Because that's what i'm doing, and it got me no where. and i still myself haven't moved forward, Draw as much vent work as you want hun, and we'll be here to support you through it all, please. 

I hope that soon enough, you'll be able to fly once again. <3 
ScribblySkiesStudios Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Student General Artist

Thanks again
for all your support. If you wanna talk about what’s going on with you,  I’d be happy to listen. Just shoot me a
message. But yeah..if Skye ever flies again, it’ll be a miracle…same with me. But,
I get what you‘re saying. I listen to music all the time. It’s a big
inspiration for my art. Anyway, thanks, I’m glad it wont be spamming to you XP I
wish I could move on from what happened like everyone tells me to, but as I’m
sure you realized, it’s not that easy..but I’ repeating myself.

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