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Under A Tree by ScribblySkiesStudios Under A Tree by ScribblySkiesStudios

Daniel sat under the shade of the tree, reading and enjoying the nice weather. He was reading a book, and he looked up from it when he saw a shadow over him. “Hey, you~” he smiled to the little demon. “Hi. What are you doing?” he asked, standing over him. “I’m reading a good book. It’s a book of fairy tales. Come sit with me, and we can read them together~” Daniel smiled, scooting to make room for Ebony in the tree groove. Ebony sat down as asked, and cuddled up to his boyfriend, resting his head on his chest. Daniel continued reading, his arm around Ebony, until he noticed the other had fallen asleep. He chuckled softly. And rested his cheek on the demon’s head, closing his eyes to relax. This was a nice place to nap, and he wasn’t surprised Ebony had dosed. Soon enough, he himself dosed off before he even realized he had, sleeping peacefully with his boyfriend against the tree, as the wind gently rustled the leaves above.


So I had this idea for a few days now, and I knew I had to draw it XD

Didn’t turn out exactly like the image in my head, but it’s still CUTE AF

And lil story with it just cause,

For those wondering, Kabin No Ma will be released, but I’m releasing it with a manga version for those who don’t like reading. So it’ll be awhile. I’m trying, I promise XD

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July 21, 2017
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