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Jse 27th Birthdayyyyy by ScribblySkiesStudios Jse 27th Birthdayyyyy by ScribblySkiesStudios

So today was Jack’s birthday. And I would have had something up yesterday, but time got away from me!  So anyway, here’s my gift for Jack! If someone could be kind enough to share this around so Jack can see it, I’d be forever indebted! If you do share it, please credit me, and paste the following meggage from me in quotations, as it is from me to him:

Jack, I cant thank you enough for all the joy you’ve brought me these past three years, and I still remember the first time I watched one of your videos, and I subscribed right away. You’ve taught me to feel confident in myself, no matter what anyone may think. I like to believe I’m a better person because of you. You the only Youtuber who has kept yourself grounded for the entire time I’ve known you. Mark floated adrift for a short time with the fame, and Pewds is long gone, but you’ve always stayed humble, and true to your roots. I thank you for that. For being a kind person. Its sad that you have to thank people for that in this day and age, but its what society has become. The Septic Community is lovely, and we all seem to get along peacefully, and it’s a wonderful thing. Jack, I just wanted you to know how etearnally grateful I am to you, and I’d like to wish you a happy birthday, though it may be late!

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February 7, 2017
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