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Ebony Lenonius Ref Sheet+ 6 Outfits(info in desc) by ScribblySkiesStudios Ebony Lenonius Ref Sheet+ 6 Outfits(info in desc) by ScribblySkiesStudios

okay, so i know i've been updating and changing him alooot lately.. XD
but this time, i think i'm happy with his design. this should be the last appearance update for awhile.
and yes, his bear's name is a pun. XD

okay, storytime. get comfy~
So i was watching Junjou Romantica 3, and for the commercial art, there was a bear with a strawberry torso.
i thought about it, and was like 'ebony would totally have a bear like that.'

so thats the story of his bear XD

Okay, okay. I KNow i said i wouldnt be changing him anymore...
but i realized recently, his skin was a weird color. And also, people probably wonder what kinds of clothes he'd wear. Well wonder no more, here is the completely revised ref sheet, complete with clothes!
any questions, just ask!~

Outfit 1: Male
what he's wearing when he first comes into the human world. Simple black tee under the jacket.
Outfit 2: Floral Decal Crop top
The floral decal is like that plastic stuff they put on shirts? The crop top is sheer, so you see through it easily. This is the first feminine outfit he will wear around someone.
Outfit 3: Maid Outfit
this is when he wants to surprise his lover, and thank them for taking him in. lacey panties underneath, that are sheer, and garter belts can be added if one wishes.
Outfit 4:Sleep 1
just his normal sleep clothes. He hardly ever wears the socks with it, but i figured i'd draw them in anyway.
Outfit 5: Daniel's Shirt/Sleep 2
just Daniel's shirt, normal pink panties underneath.
Outfit 6: Pink Bear Onsie
He carries around Strawbearry all the time when he wears this. He refuses to wear it in summer, or when its hot outside, despite how cool the inside may be. He freaks if anything gets on it, and takes good care of it. Its very soft, and the tail on the back is squishy. The back end area unbuttons.

I updated his sheet, because people couldn’t see the really light color lol

Oc belongs to me, ScribblySkiesStudios

*YES you can draw him
*YES you must credit me (@'ScribblySkiesStudios/ :icon'scribblyskiesstudios: ) remove the lil marks in it to tag me.
*ASK to write fanfiction of him
*YES he is open to rps

you can read his bio heeerre~!:…
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July 15, 2017
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