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Alderson Severionus Black by ScribblySkiesStudios Alderson Severionus Black by ScribblySkiesStudios


Alderson Severionus Black!

He’s back! Whoo!

For those who don’t know, Alderson here is an old oc of mine, for an old series, which im revamping. I’m brining it as a still animation to Youtube! And as a comic to deviantart. The comic wont be the series itself, just little cute things XD

So here’s one of the main characters! He’s clearly a demon, and there’s a lot to explain about demons in this world, for they aren’t really like any other kind you’ve seen before.


The whole series is getting a reboot, and I already have VA casting in the process so far offered by the amazingly talented The Wandering Voice Actor on youtube. God, honesly its funny how this happened.

Story time:

I jokingly asked him if he would be willing to voice for a series if I made one, honestly expecting euther no reply, or a no XD he has 8,000 subs, so..

Anyway, so he came to me with an actua response. He said sure, and that seemed to be all the motivation I needed to come back to this.

I’ve been meaning to come back to creating this series for awhile, just never enough motivation.


Once I find out what parts he can do, then I’ll make a casting call for the other parts.

*squeal* oh god, im so excited for this. We’re off to big things, people. And Im so glad you all can join me for this ride.

Anyway, next upload should either be another demon, or the human. We’ll see how my art goes XD

Ja ne!~

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December 6, 2016
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