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Poetry question mark
I know the culture of the keyboard.
Some escapes me, but I find escape useful.
It grants control, opens options, makes an exit.
I can find shortcuts, route c and v,
A combo of consideration,
although you want to consider,
characters for self-made things.
Original concept mine, do not steal, copyright,
get it out of the picture, for this thousand-word,
(give or take) illustration is mine.
(as if I could stop keyboard pirates)
Without s so much of my work would be lost,
in time, to crashes in autumnal frost.
Control is important, for cars and for keys,
perhaps not for cultures, or computer mobiles.
(at least there's an audience,
terrorism, bombs, hate, cartoon violence,
hello prying eyes, does your search bear fruit?)
Whatever was the point of numlock? I forget.
Now, enter, space and its back thereof, they're old friends.
Editors in chief, arrangers of letters,
also, numbers and full stops alike.
Punctuating my work with comprehension.
What else is there to say? I'm familiar,
most famili
:iconscribbleykins:Scribbleykins 1 3
Temporary Title
Alone in the void, Molriir wondered if he was dead. Then he wondered what he was doing still thinking about it if that was the case. Conceding that he wasn't, in fact, dead, he wondered to which degree he was still alive. It was as if he was at the very edge of consciousness, in a lucid dream full of nothing but empty.
His last memories were vague, flickering like a lamp running low on oil, before guttering out. He had brief flashes of distant voices in foreign tongues, a profound sense of loss, loss of self, identity, and then nothing… until he came about again, gradually. He had slept the sleep of the dead, then recovered somehow. He recalled his body turning, his skin and hair hardening, bleaching. Petrifying.
If tha' 'disease' wasn't killin' me, it was almost as if…
Even as he considered things, he realized that the nothing he was suspended in was growing less empty. Things… moved, now. Moved in ways he could not quite perceive, and their vaguely disturbi
:iconscribbleykins:Scribbleykins 3 6
TF2 MEME by Scribbleykins TF2 MEME :iconscribbleykins:Scribbleykins 2 2
PM - Vae Victis II
Shenrien stalked down the hallway, keeping a wary eye out for people. So far her strategy had succeeded. After Drayton's 'sacrifice' a few hours back, she had managed to dodge unseen past the guards rushing to his and that strange woman's aid. Climbing up the elevator shaft had ensured that no one else had seen her. For such a bland environment there were plenty of places to hide. A trip through some vents had seen her into an empty corridor, bar those damnable spiders, who probably would've spotted her right away had she been a normal human.
But Shenrien wasn't one of the best Elum hunters of her generation for nothing. Though the environment was nothing like the swamplands of her home, or the villa and city environs of her empire mate, she could make do. Did spidercams detect movement? She gave them none to detect, her stillness nearly preternatural. Could spidercams see in the dark? She skulked behind doors and columns, chairs and tables, blending in as they crept past. The th
:iconscribbleykins:Scribbleykins 3 15
PM - Vae Victis I
Login Spidercam Network...
Alert cancelled - False alarm - Processing...
Login approved.
Welcome back, ¤a*~a&%s: [Error 041: File name corrupted]
Please input command:
Review Logged Events; Parameter "Subject 45"

Spidercam A53981
BioMagi Lab 3 – Genetics Laboratory
Three days ago

For weeks straight, the researchers at BioMagi Lab 3 had 'welcomed' the new test subjects that kept trickling in by Yarn Ball, compiled genetic information, analysed blood samples and done science in preparation for Phase 3's true beginning. Tonight, most of them had their evening off, and the spidercam slipping into the lab had little to focus on. Yet with a project as important as this someone was ALWAYS at work.
At a workstation neatly covered in transcripts, notes, and monitors coupled to computing and analysing devices, sat a fair-haired woman, dressed in a neatly pressed labcoat,
:iconscribbleykins:Scribbleykins 3 10
Mature content
Bitter Seeds :iconscribbleykins:Scribbleykins 2 5
Mature content
Red Rivers :iconscribbleykins:Scribbleykins 3 4
Mature content
PM - Bellatrix :iconscribbleykins:Scribbleykins 3 18
Mature content
Dirty Graves :iconscribbleykins:Scribbleykins 3 11
Old Blood by Scribbleykins Old Blood :iconscribbleykins:Scribbleykins 5 10
Blood: Ol' Jack Tyre
The Basics
Name: Ol' Jack Tyre (Nicks: Ol' Tyre, The Old Man, May'r Jacks)
Age: Uncertain. He's been around for a long while, and had the "old" moniker for most of recent memory. A kind modern estimate on his appearance would put him somewhere in his seventies or late sixties.
Gender: Male.
Height: 4' 11"
Weight: The vicinity of sixty kilograms.
Build: Tyre has a naturally short and wiry body, which has been further wizened by harsh living and age.
Skin: His skin is tanned and wrinkled, aged by overexposure to the sun, with the occasional brown liver spot on his brow, dome and hands.
Hair: Grey, tending towards white. It used to be sun-bleached brown.
Eyes: Icy blue.
Facial details: His hair is receding towards the back of his skull giving him a sizable bald spot to show off when not wearing his boonie. He's lost a few teeth, but retains most of them. He has visible cheekbones and a fabulous 'stache.
Other defining features: He has no excess fat on his body, an
:iconscribbleykins:Scribbleykins 2 8
PM - Quantum Victimae
It was a good noon. Central Park was bathing in sunlight and kids were skipping around on the green, playing soccer, throwing frisbees or trying to fly their kites in the comfortably cool breeze. Some people were lying down with a book to tan, having a lunch, or just passing through, enjoying the fair-weather spree and their breaks while both lasted. More than a few idly noticed Hestia as she reclined on one of the park's benches, wearing her simple sweats with regal aplomb, a small backpack covering her vacuum.
The G.O.D. wasn't sure what had drawn her to New York, but it was as good a place as any to look for candidates. Besides, she liked to follow her gut, and seeing the weather here, her gut had told her to take a god-damn break before moving on. How many possible candidates had she looked at so far? Hundreds, at least. From Knossos to the Chinese Republic, from dimensions A through Y, and now finally a trip to the Americas.
She considered her work-list, all the things in the Laby
:iconscribbleykins:Scribbleykins 2 18
Project Minotaur - Molriir by Scribbleykins Project Minotaur - Molriir :iconscribbleykins:Scribbleykins 4 16
Tonight I slept not
Kings of Iran, I'll speak up today. (safe from my stool, with no price to pay)
Oh would you but hear what I have to say.
Those who abuse and oppression have sown,
I'll try to inform you the harvest you've grown.
(Let me state plain: You're hurting your own.)
To all else: Listen, woman or man,
Persian or muslim, who searches for land!
Listen and hear: the world can well see,
That you by own hands have sought change to be.
(And what more, denied, let flow a green sea.)
You are the ones that have raised up your arms,
Laid your case clear, stood up, called alarms.
To which kings respond by seeking a fight,
Presuming that time will prove their deeds right.
You prove them all wrong, at not playing their games!
They sought to turn tables, with hatred and names.
Invoking old foes, cracking down in their error.
You stand up in their faces, rejecting their terror.
Who makes martyrs of women? Who makes bruises of them?
Who sets the distinctions, hides facts from free men?
Who puts y
:iconscribbleykins:Scribbleykins 7 7
The Exchange: Isiah Caeth
Name: Isiah Caeth (Nicknames “Izzy“ or “The Hambeast”.)
Age: Immortal-ish; appears to be in his late fifties or sixties.
Gender: Male.
Preferred pronoun: He.
Race: Ex-human “God”.
--Physical: Appearance--
Height: 5”8’ feet
Weight: 230 lbs.
Build/Body type: Rotund and chubby.
Skin: Very fair. “Celtic” skin tone.
Hair: What remains is black, short and stringy.
Eyes: Steel grey.
Facial Details: Round, pudgy and expressive. His eyebrows are thin streaks of black and his face is mildly furrowed with wrinkles.
Other defining features/extra anatomy: Isiah is balding, with his hair receding to around his ears and the back of his head. He has a beer gut and is, to put it in one word, fat. His face has the quality of being extremely expressive.
Clothing: Isiah wears a simple black-and-white priest robe, though these days he m
:iconscribbleykins:Scribbleykins 1 31
A Pertinacious Philanthropist
A Pertinacious Philanthropist
The road to despair is paved with the jagged shards of good intentions. Wear boots. - Dwarven proverb, attributed Marnavir.
All it took to be able to go back up the ladder was some rope, a well-placed grappling hook (conveniently enough already improvised from the head of a pick and a metal bar) and a period of seemingly endless exhaustive climbing. Stubbornly, though, Molriir Heartstone struggled up from one type of darkness and into another as he grabbed the edge of the village’s granite well and hauled himself over, slumping to the ground with his back to its solid frame, resting for a moment. There issued from his mouth a weary sound, more of a sigh.
He had lost his chance at the wish now, whatever the truth of things. He had gambled with what he had felt would be his surest opportunity to make things right in The Realms and he had lost. Even in the sting of that loss though, he now felt better than at the close of his previous two e
:iconscribbleykins:Scribbleykins 2 23


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Amusement Seeker
Favourite genre of music: Video game remixes.
Favourite style of art: Whatever definition of "beautiful" I happen to have at the time.
Personal Quote: "Hah! Apparently I -CAN- go years without updating my livejournal."
Well, it's a little delayed, and I haven't done this in about four years, but here goes:

I wish you all, however you are, whoever you are, wherever you are, a proper, happy new year.

Go kick some ass, will ya?
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