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The Keeper of the Keys

I wasn't as careful on this one.  I was like "It will mostly be dark!  It'll be fine!"    Well.  I was wrong.

Also, dunno what it looks like for you all. It seemed a little dull on my computer screen, but now that I'm looking from my phone... holy saturation.

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Does'nt look rocky or shabby enough.
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I'm sorry that this comment is so late (I haven't had time to write many), but this is such a warm, sweet scene--with the Dursleys appropriately shunted off into the dark background.  Harry looks so happy!  What a great birthday, thanks to Hagrid!  Oh, and if I hadn't told you before, I love your version of Hagrid.  He is one of my favorite characters! :heart:
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thanks!  Sorry my response came so late!

I'm glad you like it, I especially enjoyed cramming the Dursleys into the background :)  Really pleased you like this Hagrid!
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Dudley, stop. That's Harry's cake. 
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Can't stop, won't stop.  (says Dudley, at least not until Hagrid puts an end to it.)
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I think the most interesting thing about this piece was the orange\blue kind of battle going on. Although those two colours would usually contrast greatly, u used it so that they complement each other in a smooth manner. U, sir or ma'am(or non-binary), are an ARTIST.
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Thank you!  I'm flattered!
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I was JUST reading that scene again. awesome painting, the colours and details are amazing!
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Thanks  :D  Have fun rereading, I've been kind of doing the same whilst drawing.
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I really like it. Did you use computer software or traditional media?
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Thanks!  I did use Photoshop for the coloring.  
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There are so many little details in this one! Dudley stealing cake under Hagrid's arm, Vernon and Petunia hovering in the back, the umbrella, Harry's taped glasses, I love it!
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Thanks!  I like that you noticed all of that.  I'm surprised you spotted the umbrella.  There's a couple mice in there too , but you probably can't see them as my name covered them up.  They weren't very detailed anyway.
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Oh, I see them now, down to the left of the umbrella. You're right, I didn't notice them behind your name. It's really awesome that you put them in, though. 
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Wow, stunning!
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so beautiufl!!! love Dudley trying to steal some food, Harry's focused-on-his-letter look and the light!
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Thanks!  It was fun squeezing Dudley in :)
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You illustrated the scene so beautifully! 
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Awwww, such a beautiful scene. :D :heart: You're such a good illustrator!
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thanks!  So are you :)
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