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Like this to get updates on the comic and maybe extra content :)

Fruit Jacket is a weekly comic about a girl who follows a different challenge every week. You can read it for free online, here:

Fruit Jacket facebook cover by scribblepuff
Hello again, people of Earth!

With the beginning of this year, I started a webcomic :)
It's called Fruit Jacket.
Here it is:

It's only 3 pages long for now, but you can bookmark it and check back every Friday for new content :)

Lena by scribblepuff
I've seriously never clicked the 'Write a Journal Entry' button before o.O

Anyway, hello people of Earth :)
I just wanted to say that I started using this We Draw Comics site
You basically draw one panel and the next person draws another panel and you end up with a completely random story ^^ It's fun! Here's my profile, complete with the silly panels that I've made while staying up way too late:…

Also by the way, I'm planning on starting a webcomic. I've been thinking about it for years but now I'm taking it seriously. I just bought a domain for it! I have to take a moment and thank offers and coupon codes :'D
I'm not revealing anything else on this subject for now because I'd rather do it when I have nice content up and running. I literally just bought the domain, so there's not much you can see there yet. I'll keep you updated!