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Scribs' Sketchbook - Facial Expressions and Poses

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I think Ethan is my favorite one!
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thank you for this
Markiplier clapping (F2U) Pervy Pinkiplier Blushing Mark Intensifies 
LucasHC90's avatar
Wall of heroes!
F2U Pink Guy Icon 
muxidrud's avatar
Wait, who’s the one all the way to the right in the middle
shypegasister10's avatar
Jacksfilms! If you like sarcasm, memes, and inside jokes you should check him out!
muxidrud's avatar
muxidrud's avatar
Omg cranky boi blue looks so cool
Cyberlitabot's avatar
you strike that pose. :D
Leila614's avatar
Nagyon szép! Tetszik :3
PartyEndermanXD's avatar
Heyyyyyy its Mark!
InsensitiveTrash's avatar
I've been a huge fan of you since 2014 and i'ts INSANE how much you've improved! <3 
The-Nightsister's avatar
Ah, yes, ze ol' PJ and Pood's cool guy pose.
TheRiseFluffyFox's avatar
Oh Markimoo looks gorgeus <3
camargosa's avatar
jeje I see you had lots of fun doing this ! very cool!!=D
Suineko30Monoki's avatar
Yeah but Danny(DeVito) tho...
Shiroune's avatar
I can't tell if there's either two pewdiepie's or one of them is jack
SmolGreekArrow's avatar
Awww I love the pewdiepie one <3

Btw I love ur artwork!!
SquareofOne's avatar
I love Danny screaming.
emilynagle's avatar
Jack and Robin! :D
InfiniteNosferatu's avatar
Completely & utterly amazing~!
grimbeautyisgrim99's avatar
Danny's face perfectly expresses how I feel when I mess up lineart
Halfus's avatar
Ethan looks just wonderful. :heart:
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