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Chaos in the Tropics

This is going to be a webcomic! A good, long, awesome and tropical one, I hope. I'll have a proper website for this eventually, with a very intuitive and immersive setup, but for now I'm posting it here and there. It's a decompressed story, so uploading a page at a time would leave a lot of readers hanging, so I release the comic in "beats," which are meant to be read in sequence. It can vary wildly how many pages are to a beat, but normally it will be around 8 or 9 pages.

Be warned, I've grown less fond of the art in the beginning over time. In fact some of it straight up embarrasses me to look back at; The way I rushed certain things... Eck. It gets considerably better later, and even the most recent pages aren't very telling of the leaps I've made recently. For now the only thing I consider to be a draw is the scope of the story itself.

Click the links below to jump to different beats. Or just click the intro and inhale everything at once if you'd like!

INTRO - The name is...

CHAPTER 1, BEAT 1 - Turtle Tower
CHAPTER 1, BEAT 2 - Wall Treasure
CHAPTER 1, BEAT 3 - Sand Sprinter
CHAPTER 1, BEAT 4 - High Sea Sorcery
CHAPTER 1, BEAT 5 - Green Gears
CHAPTER 1, BEAT 6 - Chalant Storms (In progress)

It's not really meant to be read this way; Clicking each page to get to the next one. I have a vertical drop in mind, not unlike imgur. It's something I have in mind when I create the site itself, in fact. For now you can read everything in a flash if you just go to the imgur I made for it! My problem with imgur is that the only thing I have to go by in terms of reception is that lifeless view counter. It doesn't make a whole lot of difference to me personally which way you prefer to read it. I'm just interested in your feedback! Enjoy!

This page--this description box--will be where I keep major updates posted. So if this comic interests you, bookmark here! 
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I like it so far... but my fingers are hurting. I don't think I've written this many comments in the past month. Really good stuff, you are a master of storytelling and art.

And the old "I've grown less fond of the art in the beginning... some of it straight up embarrasses me... Eck" Well, that's just because you're an artist and eternal improvement is your one true goal. Don't worry too much about it... someday your current favorite work will seem embarrassing too! :nod: But hey, that just means you're getting better! :)
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Holy cow, I found CitT today when the writer of Cassiopeia Quinn linked to it; imagine my surprise to find I had already hit +Follow way back in the day because of the Taashlings stuff you did, heh.

Really loving the comic, can't wait to see what happens next.  I do have to give a huge thumbs up for including naturism in the setting like that, it's unusual to see it not just mentioned as an excuse for fanservice or something.  I half expected Kiki to be a naturist as well; the idea of a naturist superheroine with a magic bandanna would be hilarious.  (Random thought:  Would her clothing survive explosions?)

Transhumanism, too -- although that makes me wonder just what's going on at the mainland, because if they have flying cars and cyborgs out in the boonies and they're getting close to transhumanism they're ~30-50 years ahead of us, tech wise, at least...  Hm...

Also:  Shapeshifting frog mermaid samurai?  Gotta be honest, did not see that coming.

What's this about 2 versions?  And what's "Green Gear?"  Another webcomic?
Aha! I checked Green Gear after forever, on a whim, and It definitely payed off; awesome comic! I'm curious as to what changed your mind as to her "costume choice" however, I think your original Idea would have interesting.
Actually on that note you said a year ago you were planning 2 versions, does that still stand?
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Unfortunately the 2 version thing was something I said with certainty but didn't weigh in my mind first.

I came upon this weird crisis. When there's 2 versions of the same thing that aren't meant to interact with each other and don't address each other, both of them get cheapened simultaneously. I am, however, thinking about a NSFW side story that focuses solely on an in-world nudist character with strange esperism-related abilities of her own. One of my two tumblrs will keep you updated on that should it happen. 

Anyway I'm glad I stuck in your mind! And even glad-er it paid off!