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MH: Oh....Him

Ah yeah, so now that Jenn is dead, I have Rorin and Arden in Misery High. However I wanted someone new and fresh to make my attempt at activness easier. SO inspirtation hit me hard thus he was born.



Name: Sloan Gale Breac
Age: 14
Grade (if a student): Freshman
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation/role: Student
Era of death (if ghost/undead) : n/a
Cause of death (if ghost/undead) : n/a
Orientation: Unknown
Relationship status: Single
Dorm Room/Roommate (leave blank if you want to be assigned one, ask if you know who you want) :

Likes: Freedom, cats, T.V., rain & storms, music of various forms, reading, long aimless walks, being around people and being alone, laughter, laughing, general good times and fun things

Dislikes: Loyalty, blind following or overly clingy to following something , religion, "heros and villans", groups, team sports, team related anything, wearing layers, being stuck in any form and more....

Personality: Sloan is best summerized as a chaotic neutral, he is a free soul that looks out for himself and usually only himself. Thought he does care for others he beleives one hundred percent in the power of the individual and choicemaking. Sloan is a hard person to read to tell if how he is acting is himself or an act. Aside from that he is the kind who doesnt provoke or really get provoked either. Usually he's taken to be cold and unfeeling for his lack of sympathy of understanding, he's never shown a reason for this other than simply not getting it. All in all you can never really tell if he's going to lend you a hand, steal your car, save your life or leave you high and dry...

Bio: Born to a single mother he grew up usually alone in a large flat with the TV for company. He lived a content life with nothing terribly worth while happening to him until he made it happen. His school life from the start was very awkward as he was unable to understand why other kids would cry and fight so often. After one incident in school where the teacher reported a suprising lack of emotional response he was taken and evauluated. Soon he was loosly diagnosed with Alexthymia, to which he opted out of therapy to "help". After this his life was a series of events that he took head on, mostly being trouble and fun he would worm his way into.
All of his life however he was living content with his mother and his stable home.
Sloan was sent to Misery High when his mother was unable to turn down work abraod that wasnt going to be in one stable place. Homeschool not being an option for a hard working single mother, she sent him to the school that she hopes will one day look very good on a college applications.

Other: -His hair is naturally that very pale platinum blonde, he has kept the black dye look since childhood. The style and where he has the blonde still showing has changed throughout the years of course.

-One time he got a rescue cat from near by, because the family flat was on the 31st floor of the modern building it was dangerous to start. He left the patio door open one night and they woke to find the cat had gone and fallen off the balcony. Soon after this he refused to go out on it forever. It was only after the lock was put on did he say he was okay with getting another cat (two years later)

- His relationship with his mother is and always has been really good. She would take time out to eat with him, read to him aand have fun. While it wasnt hours on end, or everyday they had family time and both enjoyed it. He loves her and will always be protective of his mother, as she is protective of her son.


Sloan, art (c)*Scribble-Demon
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...he's very good looking...and that name? I love that name.

He seems like an interesting person!
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Aaahhh thank you so much ^^ I'm glad you like him >3<
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ladyKatharos's avatar
WANT and that name is fabulous honey don't let anyone tell you otherwise >.>
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Asdjklhfs thank you~ dlkhf thanks again hah I'm stil proud of that name I love it >3<
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You're welcome mah darling<3

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