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angel and demon

By scrgod
original drawing done by samewise at [link] tattoo parlor was state of the art tattooing in Winchester Va
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maryepkcoolcat's avatar
it's so romantic with a angel and demon.
CemeteryOfTheScarred's avatar
Wow... This is really good artwork. Everything about it is just perfect. Haha I love it that the woman is the demon and the man is the angel. A good percent of artwork with the idea of angels and demons as lovers make it vice versa, the man as the demon, and the woman as the angel, but we all know us women are actually the demons in most cases. ;)
Koikaze-Seika's avatar
This is........Hmmm, is there a superlative for "awesome"? :worship:
Really, this is something I don't see everyday. Composition, linework and details are perfect. I'm waiting for the details you promised :nod:
well give me a few months so i am not poor anymore and i will deliver more detail
FailureFall's avatar
saw that one in person.
haha yes yes you have seen how bad ass it is in person lol
FailureFall's avatar
true that.

chuck26's avatar
COOOOOOOLLLL realy beautiful and i like it
Dentednotbroken's avatar
That is the coolest tat I have ever seen. That shows some really well developed talent. Amazing work.
haha thx man and thx for the fav. its still not done yet ether the guy wants to spend another hour or two on it once i get some money
Dentednotbroken's avatar
Please tell me he's not going to color it...that would ruin it. Oh well, your tat, your choice. And you're welcome.
no i deff don't want color just more detail
Dentednotbroken's avatar
Yeah it's awesome now, a little more detail and it will be the kickass tat of all time.
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