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IOH App: Charlotte Shay
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Published: December 28, 2016
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 Charlotte Shay
 July 25th

 Neutral Good
Charlotte does her best as a good person but she doesn't exactly follow authorities all the time.
She helps when she and if she can. 



Charlotte has an open mind; she’s open to what anyone has to say and to their point of view.
She understands that people’s views on things are different as is willing to listen to all of them.



Charlotte likes to talk; she likes to approach people for a conversation and is pretty okay with talking to a group. She’s pretty friendly and outgoing.



Although it is mostly hidden behind her constant nagging, Charlotte is kind and caring. She’s just like a mother that will tell you what you did wring just because she cares. She wants what’s best for people, her idea of what’s best.



Charlotte has a habit of making someone feel inferior. She talks as if she knows more and as if what she knows is better. She also acts as if her way is better, like the right way of doing things is her way of doing things.



She has a way of seeming like authority. She will give off an aura that says she’s the best and that everything is under her control. Charlotte won’t be too shy to tell people what to do.



Charlotte is pretty insistent that what she’s doing and how she’s thinking is the better way.
She will try to convince to act and think like her cause she thinks that it’s going to give you the advantage in life and she’s convinced that the things she thinks is right is how it’s supposed to be done, even if she accepts that her way isn’t the only way, she’ll still see it as the best way.



+ Fighting

She likes to watch people fight; it’s entertaining to her but as long as they aren’t really doing it to hurt each other. She’s more into fights that are for show. Like boxing or MMA, even watching fake wresting is fun.



Charlotte likes to hum or sing to pass the time; sometimes she’s unaware that she started singing already. She just finds it comforting and entertaining.


+Jamming with friends

She doesn’t just like singing on her own, she likes to sing along with her friends and play music with them, it just brings her at peace.


-Walking alone at night

It’s dangerous to do it and it reminds her of a bad experience.


-People who don’t listen to her sermons

She doesn’t like it if you just ignore her while she’s trying to tell you what’s right. It’ll piss her off and the rest of the day, she’ll probably be mad at you.


-Her mole

Having that thing bothers her, she’s already insecure about how she looks, that thing adds to that.


Charlotte grew up in a town far from Northridge; it was even in a different country. She grew up in a place where you’d find kids playing in the streets and people smoking where those kids would play.

Her role model was pretty much her big brother who was ten years older than her. They both had different fathers but they loved each other very much and were very close. Her brother was the one who provided them with money; their survival pretty much depended on him.
But with no proper education and job experience, their mother was starting to wonder where he was getting his cash. One day they just found out that her brother was participating in this thing called ‘street fighting’. In street fighting, a group of people would be pitted against each other for money.

At first, their mother was very against it but then she realized that without it, they’d be nowhere to be found, just ashes of people who died of hunger.

She let him do what he wanted and one day he ended up saving enough money for them to leave the neighbourhood they were in. He felt as if it was a dangerous place for a little girl.

He was right...


The night before they were to leave, Charlotte was playing with her friends but a while later they already had to leave for home. There was some distance from where she was to her home so she had to walk from there to her house alone at night. Two strange men approached her and asked her to follow them but she refused, the men grabbed her and tried to take her by force. It was a good thing that her brother and his friends had witnessed the scene, they quickly came to her rescue.

With fear that this would happen again, even at the new place where they would move, he was dead set on teaching her how to street fight. It was the only form of self defense he knew and he was aware that he was very good at it.

They headed for Northridge the next day and for a while they live in the homeless shelter where she had met Dmitri.

Charlotte was trained by her brother at the young age of fourteen; he’s been training her every day when he could since then.
She hasn’t been in too many fights aside from sparring with his brother but she’s gotten pretty good at it.

Growing up in a rough neighborhood taught her to keep family and friends close, it gave her the want to keep those she cared for, safe.  For her, the best thing to do with her life is to strive to be just like her brother, to strive to be hardworking , strong, and caring so she can protect those she needs to protect and to be able to give to those who have none. She strongly believes that one should aim to be great to be able to help others easily.

In order to be able to afford living in the suburbs, her brother takes odd jobs. She figured that she should help so she's been doing some baby sitting. She's also taken an interest to singing and performing with a band that she formed with a few friends she met in the homeless shelter. At first, it was to help her brother with paying the bills but it's slowly becoming an aspiration of hers. She balances work, practice, and school for a better future and to help those she wants to.


-The attachable wheels that she uses on her shoes were made from spare parts. They were made by Dmitri as a birthday present.

-She has a mole near her right eye.

-Her brother takes multiple odd jobs to pay their bills.

-Charlotte would babysit or sing in gigs with her friends to help with the bills.

-Ever since her experience that night, she has a fear of fighting alone when she knows she’s out numbered and over powered.


Total HP:
Combat Training:
 Street Fighting

Strengths and Weaknesses:

+Can survive rough living conditions
Can handle extreme heat and cold, can also handle not eating for days. She’s used to roughing it due to their poor living conditions before.

+Head is conditioned for battle
Her brother always reminded her that even though she’s smaller and weaker, she can always do her best to dodge or to aim for one’s weakest spots. She’s pretty good at dodging and she knows which parts of the human body to hit for greater results.

Charlotte was taught by her brother and in her entire life she’s only been in a few fights. Even if she’s good, she hasn’t been in a lot of battles; her inexperience can cause her to lose confidence or to be outsmarted by someone who knows more in battle.

- Fear of being out numbered and overpowered
If she ever feels like the battle is too much for her to fight on her own, or if it’s too much for who’s she’s with, she’d rather stay out of it.

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Club-Dreamiverse|Hobbyist General Artist
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Aaah, she's such a badass beauty.... I'm in love :heart:
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ScrewLIfeLetsDraw|Hobbyist General Artist
Hhhhng ; v ; glad you like her
I struggle with drawing girls and I kinda like how she came out. Haha
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whoa whoa whoa WHAT A CUTIE
i'm totally jealous of her hair
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ScrewLIfeLetsDraw|Hobbyist General Artist
Haha Who's stopping you from getting the same haircut?
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i shaved it all off
i have an asymmetrical hairstyle like hers with the half shaved but the longer side is still above my ears OH BOY
maybe i could grow it out who knows the future is full of mysteries 👀
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Oh pff, I wish I could do cool stuff with my hair. 
My mom might hate me if I shave any part of it haha. 
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