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Y'shaati, Spirit of Amazonia: Beauty vs Beast I by Screwiest Y'shaati, Spirit of Amazonia: Beauty vs Beast I by Screwiest
The Amazonian Jungle is a vast place, surrounded by intrigues. It's the stage of life for all the myths, legends and tales that give vitality to this rich, beautiful world.
The fables of Y'shaati, the Spirit of Amazonia indeed belong to this folklore, however the truth behind it's legend is yet to be fully comprehend by human tribes... but that fact, is about to change...

This is just another day in the life of Y'shaati, the Spirit of Amazonia...

Yvyra, the great sacred tree, the holy shrine of the order of primates, a place of peace and fraternity, was involved in chaos and despair. Many apes and monkeys that were there, fled in terror and out of control to save themselves from the terrible stage of death. However, the Naka'i, the Tahuayos, among many others families, remained in place to observe and witness the colossal battle that was about to occur. To everyone's surprise, something unprecedented was happening: Y'shaati, the human monkey-girl, filled with determination and courage, was face to face with the legendary Ma'i D'goa, the titanic anaconda.

A battle that would be recorded in the memory of all the monkeys. An event that would be remembered for ages to come.

Both Y'shaati and Ma'i D'goa stood motionless for a couple of seconds, fiercely looking at each other... the giant snake roared and opened its great maw... and from one moment to another, the anaconda charged to attack at full speed.
Y'shaati quickly dodged the anaconda's attack by jumping over its head and then moving away to keep a safe distance from it. The beast turned its long neck in order to not lose sight of Y'shaati and just immediately used its long and spiky tail several times to hit the monkey-girl. Thanks to her good reflexes, Y'shaati dodged again the attacks of Ma'i D'goa. She quickly ran to the nearest tree and immediately climbed it with an impressive speed to get to safety. The giant anaconda saw how Y'shaati moved quickly, high among the branches of the trees with great agility.
The natural movement of the leaves of the tree caused the toothed snake to lose sight of the monkey-girl after a few seconds; using its tongue, Ma'i D'goa slided on the ground trying to follow a trace that would allow him to locate her position. Meanwhile, Y'shaati, trying to stay out of the serpent's reach, crawled slowly and silently from above, stalking the anaconda stealthily with feline-like movements. During those moments, Y'shaati didn't feel afraid of being victim of the gigantic serpent... on the contrary: right now she was the beast, and the serpent was her prey...

When Ma'i D'goa was just below the branch where Y'shaati was, the monkey-girl emitted a loud ape-like howl and pounced on the serpent's head. She held tightly on the back of the giant anaconda's head and immediately used all her strength to try to break the neck of the beast. Upon feeling the strong embrace of Y'shaati, the monster desperately began to twist its body to get rid of the monkey-girl, but this turned out to be useless since she had well taken the snake by the neck with her arms; even the girl was holding on to its slippery scales with her skilled toes.
While both continued fighting, the monkeys watching the battle from the top of the trees howled and growled wildly, as if they were supporting and cheering for Y'shaati to defeat the legendary creature...
The monkey-girl was beating Ma'i D'goa's head with her fists, but just after that, the titanic anaconda launched a thunderous roar and immediately began to crawl through the roots of the trees at full speed. Y'shaati continued to hold on to the snake's body, however, due to the high speed and resounding force that the beast caused with its movements, she began to slide slowly from the snake's neck...
The serpent knew this; when Y'shaati was only holding with one hand to the monster's body, the legendary creature suddenly stopped, causing the monkey-girl to be sent flying off due to inertia. Y'shaati's body crashed violently against an old log.

Y'shaati was stunned and aching from the strong impact for a few seconds. As she got up from the jungle floor, just when she lifted her gaze from the ground, she instinctively reacted when she saw how Ma'i D'goa's jaws were right in front of her. A second later, the serpent launched a powerful bite...
Incredibly, Y'shaati barely dodged the lethal bite of the giant anaconda by moving her body to the side of the log. While the serpent's teeth got stuck in the log, the monkey-girl regained her posture and quickly escaped from the terrible beast's reach. Then, Ma'i D'goa managed to snatch its jaws from the old log and began to chase her. Y'shaati quickly ran on all fours to escape from the anaconda.
At that moment of the battle, both were located in the deepest part of Yvyra: the large and numerous dryed roots and fallen logs were all over the place... a perfect place for a predator to ambush a prey...
Y'shaati once again managed to disappear from Ma'i D'goa's sight. During this brief moment of calm, the monkey-girl stopped to hide herself inside of one of the huge hollow roots of Yvyra. When she finally got deep inside of the root, she was able to catch her breath for a few seconds. She was quite agitated after the toothed anaconda's surprise attack. However, suddenly, she noticed something serious on her body: her left arm was bleeding slightly... due to the rush of adrenaline, she didn't noticed that one fang of the monster managed to hurt her beautiful white skin. When she touched the wound, her arm began to puncture with pain. It was a strong pain, but it wasn't intolerable. Despite this, Y'shaati was determined to defeat the horrible creature.
To her misfortune, while this was happening, the monkey-girl had no idea that the titanic anaconda had found her and that it was looking at her out of the corner of its eye through a hole from the outside of the root... the girl had been distracted for too much time...

At that moment, the snake, using its powerful jaws, ripped the entire upper part of the root with just one bite, leaving Y'shaati completely exposed and at its mercy. Startled, she pulled back and kicked desperately to get away while Ma'i D'goa launched several wild and lethal bites to devour her.
Finally, the monstrous anaconda roared wildly and launched one last powerful bite in order to kill the girl. Seeing that she wasn't going to be able to dodge that last attack, she shrugged her legs and then, quickly stretch them. What Y'shaati did at that moment, was completely astonishing: The monkey-girl stopped Ma'i D'goa's deadly bite with her dexterous monkey feet. Y'shaati managed to put her feet right in the narrow spaces between each sharp tooth of the serpent.
The beast tried to close its jaws to eat Y'shaati, but she, using all the strength of her legs, tried to hold its snout to escape the powerful bite. Both remained in that position for several seconds, but the serpent's strength was clearly superior to that of Y'shaati's; little by little, the monkey-girl began to tire and feel that her agile feet slid little by little from the monster's jaws. Her body trembled because of the overwhelming strength and effort she was doing... it was extreme...
Just when Y'shaati was beginning to give in to the giant anaconda's maw, she closed her eyes and concentrated all her strength to unleash her power. In the last second, Y'shaati screamed at the top of her lungs... a savage scream that could be heard throughout the jungle...

Then, Ma'i D'goa suddenly began to feel Y'shaati's hidden power... the snake watched as the glowing green aura covered her whole body, and when he least expected it... the monkey-girl, with a incredible new strength, completely open the anaconda's snout with her legs, dislocating its jaws...
At lightning speed, Y'shaati regained her posture and immediately took a big leap forward and acrobatically landed a powerful aerial kick directly at Ma'i D'goa's head. The serpent was sent flying off until it crashed to the ground.
Disoriented, the giant anaconda tried to recover and try to locate the monkey-girl, but in that same instant, Y'shaati hit the beast's head again with another great kick. The snake fell back to the ground. Y'shaati moved too fast for the creature to see her movements. After that, the naked girl, completely renewed in strength and energy, threw herself on to the anaconda's body and began to beat it with her fists over and over.
The beast was surprised. No creature had ever hurt him just like the monkey-girl was doing now.
In a quick attempt to counterattack, Ma'i D'goa used its tail to asphyxiate Y'shaati. Y'shaati was trapped again. The snake was able to roll up the girl with its flexible body. The anaconda stood up and began to compress her... the beast thought this time he could end with her life once and for all.
However, to his surprise, Y'shaati, completely furious, launched a great ape-like roar and began to break free easily from the giant serpent's grasp. Shocked, the creature didn't know what to do. Right after, Y'shaati was finally out of the snake's crushing grip, and once again, tried to hold on to its back to try to break the beast's neck.
The monster, frightened as never before, stepped back just before the girl could grab its head and fled away just a few meters from Y'shaati.

Ma'i D'goa, for the first time in its life, felt threatened and in danger of death. However, due to its vengeful nature, he didn't escape from the battle and instead, roared wildly again... the beast was ready to continue fighting.
Y'shaati, in the same way, with her power now unleashed, was still determined to defeat the titanic-toothed serpent to protect her beloved monkey family. The monkey-girl got back on all fours and adopted her fighting stance again, just like at the beginning of the encounter.

Far from being finished, the battle continues its course... This isn't over just yet...


  PREVIOUS CHAPTER:                      NEXT CHAPTER:

Y'shaati is my OC. If anyone would like to use her in stories, renders or scenes, please contact me.
I'll be more than happy to answer you and read all your comments and feedback. Thank you in advance!
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ShareForever Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2018  New Deviant
I love how green the background is
Kajm Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Liking what I am seeing so far! Sounds like she's got some powerful legs- Kajm's kind of fighter!
Screwiest Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Indeed, buddy!
Her powerful legs and feet have been a decisive factor to survive against Ma'i D'goa's attacks so far. You can be sure that she will continue using them in many ways possible to keep confronting the giant anaconda!
Kajm Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
I also noticed the use of the terrain / trees in your writing, and thanks for the reminder! the surroundings can play a pretty good role in a fight.
StoneMan85 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Screwiest Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Hell yeah, man! Y'shaati is going to demonstrate that she's capable of defeating a terrible and horrific monster like Ma'i D'goa! Right now, our girl is a predator like no other, and that serpent is her prey!!
GIRLWOW Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2018
Beautiful storytelling, very compact, effective and essential! You make every scene very well with all the necessary details in their place! You are getting better at each new story that really transports us into the depths of the Amazon Jungle, a dark and mysterious world dominated by ancient gods and mythological creatures. In your stories they become real and come to life! :o (Eek) simply great!! Nod 

Y'shaati is facing her first real battle! Simply a epic and exciting battle! :happybounce: OMG! I can't contain my excitement! 

Your artwork is also very beautiful! Love  I like how you harmonize the monster and she with the jungle background, you have a special talent for this, in my opinion. Nod 

Wow! I absolutely wait for the second part! ;) (Wink) 
Screwiest Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you very much, buddy!

Your generous words inspire me to continue writing more entries of this story! I try to think of every detail to make it as exciting and interesting as possible. As you well know, I really like fantasy. Since I started writing, I have made an effort to make the scenery of the jungle more and more beautiful and detailed. This including, of course, our beloved monkey-girl Y'shaati!

I'm even considering making a map of Amazonia that completely describes the whole place and each specific part of the jungle! I know it sounds difficult and very ambitious, but I will try to do it either way hahaha! I will look for the necessary means to do it!

On the other hand, I'm glad that the artwork is being well received by all! It has cost me work because of the limitations that I have to create them. Sometimes I even feel blocked thinking that I could do them look a lot better if I had better tools, but I always try my best with what I have at hand! For now, I really enjoy doing them, after all, it's a hobby for me hahaha!

You're correct, stay tuned for round 2 of this great battle! I promise you that will be as exciting and huge as this one!!
GIRLWOW Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2018
Hi, Thanks for your kindness. I'm happy if my words encourage you to continue, this is the best thing you can do! ;) (Wink) :D (Big Grin) 

It would be great if you were to make a map of the Amazon Jungle, describing where the story you are telling takes place! Certainly a more precise idea of ​​the place would allow us to enter even more in history and to you, I believe, to tell in a vivid and exciting way! Do it well, it would be wonderful! Wink/Razz 

Absolutely I like your way of telling so much space to the imagination! As I said, you can tell a story well, and this is very important! Y'shaati is a character that has many possibilities and can still be developed in many directions. Nod 

I really like your latest artworks, perhaps the introduction of a being like the Titanic Serpent helps as a spectacular effect and as an action scene, I believe. And yet, personally I have found your artworks beautiful from the beginning. In my opinion, you picked up very well in a single scene the topic of the story you were posting.  You're good, you're talented.Nod 
Honestly I do not think that limited means can be an obstacle if you can achieve a great outcome like this.

I imagine it's a fun hobby for you. Please, continue on this path, it's nice to share your work and dreams with others. ;) (Wink) 

Thanks again for all this, my friend! Hug 
conley1959 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2018
Thrilling beyond measure! Bravo to you my friend! You are a extraordinary writer! I so loved how Y’shaati used her sexy lithe naked feet in this battle! 
Screwiest Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for your kind words, buddy!  :heart:  :D

Indeed, she will have to continue using her sexy and killed feet and toes if she wants to save her monkey family from a terrible fate! This battle is far from being over yet! ;P  ;)
Alastor989 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 11, 2018
Oooo very nice. Good action, and not completely one sided I like it. Two little scenes where she could use her feet. Spreading her legs wide for the serpent to stop being devoured mmmm. Not that there is anything wrong with going down in the belly hehe. Thankfully there is more to come so now it is time for round 2! I want to see some more predicaments with this girlie, I just wish the model was more detailed. Someone really needs to make a cute model of her in daz or something. Or a drawing!
Screwiest Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
I'm glad you liked it, my friend!

You're correct, this battle is not being easy for either of them!
On one hand, Y'shaati has managed to escape the attacks of Ma'i D'goa and hit its head heavily on several occasions. However, the beast is still far from being defeated. On the other hand, Ma'i D'goa never imagined that a common human monkey-girl could hurt him that way. Nobody had ever managed to give him a similar fight like this one, until now! However, he knows that a simple mistake of Y'shaati is enough to have a chance to devour her in an instant!

Y'shaati is already saved thanks to her agility and dexterity with her beautiful feet. Undoubtedly, they are a decisive factor that she will have to use if she wants to survive and beat the great toothed anaconda! As you said, round 2 is about to start!!
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