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Cutest and fluffy-soft Vinyl Scratch and Octavia by KetikaCraft Cutest and fluffy-soft Vinyl Scratch and Octavia :iconketikacraft:KetikaCraft 170 28 Screwball Boomerang by Out-Buck-Pony Screwball Boomerang :iconout-buck-pony:Out-Buck-Pony 10 0
MLP dragons and how they operate (In theory)
First of all, Why dosn't Spike have wings like the other dragons we've seen?? Is the term "Dragon"  a catch all for any reptile that breaths fire like how "Cat" can mean anything from a Tiger to a Tabby and Spike just happens to be a different "Species" of dragon from the Heraldic Dragons we've seen thus far?????
We the audiance haven't been told  a lot about how dragons operate in this universe, thus like the ponies and Spike himself, know little about them. Surprisingly the episode that gives us the most information is "Dragon Quest", but not because of what we're told, but because of what we can extrapolate and what can be compared to real world animal behavior .
First,consitering that this comparison to this real worls animal  will come up the most,    I feel that it would be a good idea to go alittle bit about African Elephant beahvior.  In an episode of animal planets Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, an African national park (I don't recall wit
:iconthewalrusclown:TheWalrusclown 7 15
Best Friends! by StaleElephantBones Best Friends! :iconstaleelephantbones:StaleElephantBones 126 10
Beginning of the End, part 1
Discord finally busted out, thanks to his faithful daughter, Screwball. He's learned of a certain failed takeover attempt by the Queen of the Changelings, so he decides to pay her a visit. By their efforts combined, he persuades, they could take over Equestria as they were never able to do alone. Chrysalis eagerly agrees to the alliance. After a time, however, Discord did a double-cross. He persuaded the Queen's vast army to rebel and serve only him. Crysalis was brought into an anthill labyrinth; she has yet to find her way out.
After a while, though, Discord began to feel his age. No matter what plan he concocted, the end was always the same: the Mane Six, led by that dratted Twilight Sparkle, would defeat him and return him to stone. What he needed was someone who they couldn't stand to crush, someone just like them. All of the takeover attempts Discord knew of were orchestrated by non-ponies: the dark alicorn Nightmare Moon; himself, a dracoequus; and most rececently, a
:iconteam-van-helsing:Team-Van-Helsing 6 0
Screwball and Discord by CornOfTheBreads Screwball and Discord :iconcornofthebreads:CornOfTheBreads 19 9 Dis Problem by BrainDps Dis Problem :iconbraindps:BrainDps 1,194 180 Screwball by DeathPwny Screwball :icondeathpwny:DeathPwny 301 53 Good Morning Screwball by johnjoseco Good Morning Screwball :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 1,979 245 Fragment002 WIP by Arcky-Cano Fragment002 WIP :iconarcky-cano:Arcky-Cano 27 13 Screwball by Vexorb Screwball :iconvexorb:Vexorb 399 42 The Muffin Snatcher - Part 2 by DatAhmedz The Muffin Snatcher - Part 2 :icondatahmedz:DatAhmedz 411 127 The Muffin Snatcher - Part 1 by DatAhmedz The Muffin Snatcher - Part 1 :icondatahmedz:DatAhmedz 332 47 Screwy Doo by ColossalStinker Screwy Doo :iconcolossalstinker:ColossalStinker 21 1 derpy x screwball by Pyritie derpy x screwball :iconpyritie:Pyritie 115 47 Screwball Wallpaper by StratMLP Screwball Wallpaper :iconstratmlp:StratMLP 47 9





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Can someon tell me what is so special about this pony? She only appered in a few episodes and everybody loves her for some reason.
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Evie, you need a co-funders and contribuitors beacuse the group is dead without you.
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