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Here is one of the Joker cards for the Endangered Ark card deck ( [link] ). He's in your outback, eating your numbats.

Taking second place to feral house cats, the red fox is one of Australia's most problematic invasive predator. They were originally brought over in 1855 from Europe for the purpose of recreational hunting. Since then, their numbers have exploded, estimated around 7 million animals. They are responsible for the decline of many small marsupials, including the numbat. The fox is a very adaptable, elusive and prolific animal, and as such, is nearly impossible to contain or control. It continues to decimate populations of native species and there is no foreseeable solution.
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It's not because of the predators, it's because of the competition from the introduced herbivores like rabbits and mice. Small animals like Numbats and Bilbies have been hunted large predators for thousands of years no problem, but its the competition for their niches that's the issue....

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I love foxes/cats, but not when they're decimating native species D:
Anyways, I love the detail put into this! The barbed wire looks really neat C: 
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Yes they are decreasing the population of bandicoots, however it is not the fault of foxes, but of human for bringing them for a stupid purpose. :(
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where can i get a print>

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do you mind if i share this link onto a hunting page? its a really nice insight. 

You wouldn't beleive but  a guy i buy fox pelts from has shot well over 500 foxes in his area down in victoria in the past 2 years.....thats a hell of a lot of foxes. and just one area. they are everywhere here
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The barbed wire adds a cool effect. It's like the fox is pacing trying to figure out how to get in.
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Beautifully rendered, if really sad, picture, it gets people thinking. The fence and the background vegetation in particular is awesome.

While researching numbats and the conservation of them, I read that they have had success with baiting foxes, but now those feral cats are filling the hole left by the foxes. Feral cats are even more of a problem because they don't go for the bait as much. :\
Project Numbat: [link]
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love the details and setting for this
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The detail is great!
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*at the pic*

(Forgot to add that part to the old comment I made.)
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people feel they must control their mistakes simply killing, forgetting that the human is just a parasite
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people feel they must control their mistakes simply killing, forgetting that the human is just a parasite
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Oh how I love this piece, I`m LunarNumbat in your livestreams!
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Art with a meaning... Respect.
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Just the detail in this is amazing...Ahhhhmazing. :D
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I love Numbats and Foxes...I'm torn! :cry: Lol.
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Just think who was there first... easy decision.
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The invasive species problem carries political implications because it clashes animal rights with natural preservation. For one thing, invasive animals that are thriving in their introduced region could be going extinct in their native habitat which means that killing them can't be the only solution. There has to be a balance of hunting and trapping in order to make sure that the species not only dies out in the wrong region but can be sustained in the right region.
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pfft animal activists have no say in what we hunt down here toher than "no hunting natives and a licence incertain states" i can hunt all year round on about 15 invasive spcies. no limit 
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