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Monologue Rings

Best used as Low Res since they're not very pointy up close.

Password: Psychofish
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i wanna kiss u
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So bummed.. the password no longer works?
Try it without the caps.  Worked fine for me.  You wont be able to copy paste is all.
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Thank you SO Mouuuch!!!
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thanks haelps me alot
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I could use these for eyes! Now if only I could figure out where it when I typed in the password and downloaded it.
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How to use these?
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So useful :) Thank you!
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X3 arigatou! these are really help!
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thank you so much!
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Thank you so much for sharing !! :D
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Wonderful. I really need this. Thanks you :D
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Cool! Thanks for these! :D
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I have a password requests! to retrieve a folder from the archive of WinRAR!!!
What the password?
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The password doesn't work...
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The password doesn't work because is without the capital letter, you must write "psychofish"
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Thank you so much!
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Thanks, I figured it out XD
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Omm, sorry ^^
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How can I repair those CSH files? D: I don't wanna download that registrybooster or any other programm that I have to pay for. :o
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how do you use them?
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