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Why the Bear

Screentone by Deleter, please use freely!
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thank you a lot !
b-monkey3's avatar
I used this :D thankyou for uploading ~
shieonn's avatar
TTATT""" How can I ever thank you...
GodessFae's avatar
Used the screentone here: [link]
thanks! :D
ValNika's avatar
haha I saw it in an Ayashi no Ceres artbook! lol
MGK-Brigade's avatar
Wow, this screentone is my most absolute favourite one ever!

...BUT WHY THE BEAR?! *flails*


I used it here: [link] if you are interested in taking a look. :D

Keep up the awesomeness!
Toiim's avatar
haha, saw this at a department store the other day, in Shibuya, I think.
AmaraFatali's avatar
it looks great~
thank for sharing^^
coconut-berry's avatar
OMG, I saw this one in Sailor Moon. :D I was always wondering about that.

RisingStarBlade's avatar

but still, the question remains: WHY THE BEAR?!?!?!?!
PaperMemories's avatar
I'm getting the feeling that I've seen this somewhere. D8
[/goes and dig into her bookshelf with manga]

Look! In Time Guardian, Volume 2, Chapter 6 (or, first chapter in this volume), the title page uses this screentone. 8D
[/runs around like a five-year-old] > w<

I remembered the "Why the Bear" part. xD"
screentone's avatar
Nice geek skillz.
PaperMemories's avatar
Thanks for the lovely compliment. 8D
[/proud nerd]
Ryoko-san18's avatar
Thx a lot for the new tones!!!
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