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As the title of this post states, I do not do commissions unless you can afford to pay professional prices (and of course if I'm available).

This might sound condescending, but I'm really very tired of people either asking to use my work for free or wanting to know if I will do commissions for next to nothing, which I generally don't have the time for, and being shocked by the amount I ask for. The work that I do takes a lot of time and effort to create, and of course does not come cheap. I'm a professional artist and not a "hobbyist" and make a living from what I do as do many of the artists here on DA.

Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate the interest. 

Thanks for understanding.

I have finally decided that it should be okay to make my 2013 private texturing showreel public. It's made up from some of my film texturing (and some sculpting) work from 2009 to early 2013 whilst I was at MPC and Cinesite.

I might also finish off my modelling reel at some stage.
When I updated my website a few months back I removed most of my older work including most of my game art. So I've decided to dump a whole lot of it here on deviantArt. I've uploaded several images of some of the characters I worked on from the PS2 version of 007 Quantum of Solace (I still haven't seen the film yet).

I'll possibly upload the rest I have from this game as well as some other work over the next week.

Until then...
Went to the cast and crew screening of Gravity yesterday morning. Holy crap!! Aside from one or two tiny niggles it's easily the best film I've seen this year. I was surprised at how tense it was - literally an edge of the seat experience. I kept flinching every time debris came at the screen. Great to see the director at the screening as well. Would have loved to have worked on this.

Reliance MediaWorks VFX has finally closed it's London offices. Oh, did I forgot to mention that I started work at Reliance as their senior texture artist almost two months ago (working on Michael Bay's Black Sails TV series) - I replaced their leaving lead texture artist. So... it looks like I'm looking for work, again. Anyone hiring?

In other news I have taken down, and replaced it with a temporary version until I get a proper version of the website up and running. A re-design was well overdue; I last updated the design about 7/8 years ago.

I've updated my showreel with some of the work I did on World War Z. It's still private for the time being but will be public sometime soonish.

My Living Dead Girl III (3) is almost complete. I'm hoping to put the finishing touches to her in the coming week. I just have a few lighting tweaks to make (it's looking way better than the last render I posted), and one or two changes to make to the blood and hair, etc. I'll also try and create a decent breakdown of the character.

I've put that stylized character of mine on hold for now - I have something new planned that I'm more excited about. I finished off most of the texturing on her (I'll post my last progress sometime). Lost a bit of interest on her when I started planning my next character... that's the way it goes I guess. I hope I re-visit her though, as I was enjoying working on her. Perhaps a break will do her good. Let see...

Until the next update...

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I'm looking for work, again. I just finished off creating the two main characters for a game trailer cinematic. Film work is pretty dead in Soho at the moment and will probably only pick up again late into summer. In the meantime I'm working on some personal (non real-time) 3D work. I'll keep posting updates on that.

Here's my latest texturing showreel:

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Yes I have a blog now: My other website is temporarily down for an update. I'm using my blog as a place to post all my work in progress.

I have also started a new job at Cinesite as a Texture Artist on John Carter of Mars.
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I've been with deviantArt for over 8 years now and now I have my first Daily Deviation:…

Thanks to Master-Mune for suggsting my work and to ForksOfTheSalad… for featuring her.

Thanks all. I'll post all answers to any question in the Artist's Comments box.
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Well... some of you might know that I was mad redundant last month. The company I was working at, Endrant Studios here in Kent, shut down after finishing off the multi-player part of Wolfenstein.

I've found new work and will be working at The Moving Picture Company (MPC) in Soho London. It's a departure from games, but should be exciting and I'll hopefully be able to gain a wealth of knowledge. Anyway who's to say that I can't always get back into games down the line?
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Slowly adding some of my 3D work. I'll keep adding over the next month or so.

I really forgot how much fun it is to post work here.

Keep yer eyes peeled watchers ;)
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I've decided to start uploading new work again...

I've removed most of my older work with the exception of some of my fine art work from 1996.
I don't think I'll be posting any more of my work here at deviantART as I have become increasingly frustrated with the site. All the "cool" functional features have become subscriber only (amongst other things). Why is it when something becomes really popular, money always tends to become a factor?

I'll probably still visit here, as there are so many talented people at devianART.....


not too much to say at the moment!!!
Jusr turned 31 on friday.... another year passed by. Hasn't been too bad for me if I look back. hope this new year gets better... :D
Arrrrgh... been way busy at work with 3d modelling and conecpts for the new game....

Have been a bit too lazy to get any of my own work done :P . But once I have something new I'll post it here.

I also want to get started on a new portfolio site for myself, one that is a whole lot more focussed that the work I have posted here at devainART.....
WOOHOOO Start my new job on Friday.....
:D Great things have happened for a friend of mine and myself, whom you all might know as Simianman

We both got employed at I-Imagine, South Africa's only game company devoloping for next generation consoles (X-Box, Gameboy Advanced, etc.), and as far as I know South Africa's only game company period!!!!

We are very happy indeed... making games for a living WOOHOO!!!  
Good things might be happening soon :D
Good things might be happening soon :D