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Portrait Shader Test 01 by screenlicker Portrait Shader Test 01 by screenlicker
Thought I'd upload this seeing as I'm between jobs and have some spare time...  (unfortunately I could only submit this to the animation section :| (Blank Stare))

A quick shader test for a new character I'm busy with. Getting closer to the look I'm going for (still a bit to shiny for my liking). The lighting is still very basic and will change (I'm currently using one Arnold Skydome Light with the intensity set quite low with an HDRI image and one Arnold Area Light). I was going to upload a full figure turntable a month or so back, but there were to many obvious anatomical issues so decided to wait, though there are still quite a few anatomical changes to make to the head, along with the body, etc.

 I'm using Maya and Arnold for rendering. I'll be using Yeti for the hair later on.

 Always looks weird without hair.
hurzdischnurz Featured By Owner May 28, 2014
"between jobs" ;) best way to put  it. im with ya on this one.

super realistic lady.
screenlicker Featured By Owner May 28, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Thanks. I'll possibly upload a few more tests sometime.
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