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Hope you like it. First one in a while.

MAJOR EDIT: Sped it up a little.
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Man i thought that was sans.
That was till i read the name and saw the totally creepy jumpscare
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is this a war or something
can i join as a serious sam character
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Dark1Moon20 is my old account plus um sorry what I did in the pass, but when you say "can i join as a serious sam character" um im kind of confuse and I don't understand because im haveing trouble sleeping and focusing

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with that i meant using a serious sam player model
serious sam is a game
CRabbyStork's avatar

I know it's a game and when you mean player model do you mean the profile or this Serious Sam or this Serious Sam #76

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profile player model
CRabbyStork's avatar

ok but do you mean me profile or you profile?

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he's so cute but then he is FREAKY :scared: Hold me... I'm scared. 
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May I use it as avatar?
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This just makes me so happy :ghost: 
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... how am i supposed to use this in teh comments?
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sweet! can i use it as an avatar?
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Mind if i use it as a avatar?
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