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Family photo by screamingEllie Family photo :iconscreamingellie:screamingEllie 3 6 WEVE COULD HAVE F.A.M.I.L.Y by screamingEllie WEVE COULD HAVE F.A.M.I.L.Y :iconscreamingellie:screamingEllie 4 1 Be One With The Stars by screamingEllie Be One With The Stars :iconscreamingellie:screamingEllie 2 1 breeze and Mint (aka butter fingers)) by screamingEllie breeze and Mint (aka butter fingers)) :iconscreamingellie:screamingEllie 3 1 Trinity (trinnt) by screamingEllie Trinity (trinnt) :iconscreamingellie:screamingEllie 3 2 Art work made by uximuxi103!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by screamingEllie Art work made by uximuxi103!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :iconscreamingellie:screamingEllie 5 19 HAPPY BIRTHDAY KITTYCRY!!! by screamingEllie HAPPY BIRTHDAY KITTYCRY!!! :iconscreamingellie:screamingEllie 8 12 For nevertrustmwah13 by screamingEllie For nevertrustmwah13 :iconscreamingellie:screamingEllie 5 2 Re-new an old old oc by screamingEllie Re-new an old old oc :iconscreamingellie:screamingEllie 6 12 new oc by screamingEllie new oc :iconscreamingellie:screamingEllie 3 41 Unit 193495A9394Q192 by screamingEllie Unit 193495A9394Q192 :iconscreamingellie:screamingEllie 7 5 Day time s ending and the night is coming by screamingEllie Day time s ending and the night is coming :iconscreamingellie:screamingEllie 8 17 I don't know why by screamingEllie I don't know why :iconscreamingellie:screamingEllie 8 5 Screenshot 2017-02-24 at 9.42.55 PM by screamingEllie Screenshot 2017-02-24 at 9.42.55 PM :iconscreamingellie:screamingEllie 8 3


Asks #12 by Louminouz Asks #12 :iconlouminouz:Louminouz 34 3 TordEdd Day 4: AU by Silenthilllz TordEdd Day 4: AU :iconsilenthilllz:Silenthilllz 9 1 Daily Paint 2045# Mail Fox by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2045# Mail Fox :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,474 139
Keeping Him In Line (Tord x Matt)
The room was dark and rustic. There was no light in the room except for the small light coming from underneath the door. It was quiet except for the sound of relaxed breathing.
In the middle of the room was a young man, probably somewhere in his twenties. He was blindfolded and tied to a steel chair. The ropes were digging harshly into his pale skin, already bruising and blistering from the rough texture. He looked worse for wear considering his position. He had bright orange fluffy hair which looked a little matted. His clothing consisted of a purple tattered hoodie and a pair of scuffed up blue jeans.
Suddenly the door swung open revealing another young adult with an aura that caused the poor soul some obvious fright. The man walked in, the air of a leader surrounding him in a thick blanket which fit because here was the leader of the Red Army, Tord Karlsen ((my fanon last name)).
Tord strolled over to the tied up ginger boy and chuckled, placing his gloved finger underneath the boy&
:iconsilenthilllz:Silenthilllz 6 4
Forget Me Not (Tord x Matt)
There was a pain deep inside of Tord’s chest. He sat there staring at his robotic red arm he received during the crash of his giant robot when Tom shot a harpoon at it ending his plans to take over the world. He was lying in his own personal bedroom at the Red Army base. He was the Red Leader after all.
His heart was aching. He didn’t understand why though. He hadn’t done anything to cause it to ache. His right side of his face was bandaged up from the explosion. Those wounds ached a whole bunch, but this pain in his heart was different. A different feeling he never really encountered much in his whole life.
“Who are you?”
His vision became blurry as he went to rub his eyes to find out he was crying. Tears were trickling down his cheeks, wetting his red bed sheets. He was trembling. Why?
“I’m sorry, I don’t remember you.”
Noises escaped his throat which sounded liked muffled sobbing. He never cried before like this. Wh
:iconsilenthilllz:Silenthilllz 9 5
You Are My Sunshine (Tord x Matt)
The other night dear, as I lay sleeping
Tord awoke to sunlight shining in his face. He groaned, trying to burrow his way back into his warm nest of blankets. Suddenly, there was a giggle and the hand was on his cheek. He groggily opened one eye to see a blurry body in front of him. “What?” He mumbled out.
I dreamed I held you in my arms
“Tordy! It’s time to wake up! It’s around 1 in the afternoon! You can’t sleep in all day!” Matt’s cheerful voice chirped in his ears. Matt’s hair was floofed up like normal, and he was already wearing his day clothes. His purple hoody and his green overcoat. He had an ever growing grin on his face.
But when I awoke, dear, I was mistaken
“Matttttie… Let me sleep in. I’m tired. I’m going back to bed. I was up late last night.” Tord swatted his lover’s hand away from his face and nuzzled back into the pillow, closing his eyes again. He was about t
:iconsilenthilllz:Silenthilllz 6 22
Got Your Back (Eddsworld x Abused! Reader)
Oh my God, do you actually think they like you?
They just pity you because of how pathetic you are.
Believe me, I'm doing you a favor when I'm punishing you.

Another day in hell it seemed. Every day was hell for you considering your best friend was a major jackass, and she liked to beat you up. She said it was "therapy" for you because you were such a miserable person. She thought she was doing a good cause by harming you every night at the house you shared with her.
You wanted to tell her off, but she was really scary when confronted. Last time you tried to tell her to back off, she threw a pot of boiling water at your face and laughed at your pain as you screamed on the floor. You wanted out of this house, but she had a strong leash on you. She knew all your secrets, and she would use them against you.
Even though you lived in hell, you had slight hope as you visited your friends each day to forget about the pain temporarily. Tom, Tord, Matt, and Edd were
:iconsilenthilllz:Silenthilllz 8 5
Lilith in Starlight (Tomatt)
Matt looked out at the night sky in interest. He should of been actually frightened by what was in the sky. Not because of the airplanes or bombs; it was actually much worse.
There was a large meteor hurtling straight towards his location. Not just his location; everyone's lives were on the line and yet he was chill. He didn't bat an eye at the impending doom.
"So, this is where you've been. You know you can still get away from this place and travel to another area where the strike zone is less deadly. You don't need to stay here Matt." Tom's voice alerted Matt to his presence. Tom stood there in his blue hoody and dark blue jeans. He looked annoyed with everything at the moment. Maybe even at himself.
Matt blinked away the sleepiness from his eyes as he turned to look at his friend. "I already told you no. I'm not leaving you to die. I'm not like Tord." He looked back at the starry filled sky and rested his chin on his arms.
The asteroid was getting closer. The sky was turning a orang
:iconsilenthilllz:Silenthilllz 5 0
Pain by Silenthilllz
Mature content
Pain :iconsilenthilllz:Silenthilllz 7 3
The Ancient Magus Bride AU by Silenthilllz The Ancient Magus Bride AU :iconsilenthilllz:Silenthilllz 7 0 Cade Commission by dragoncat-senpai
Mature content
Cade Commission :icondragoncat-senpai:dragoncat-senpai 94 5
Party Pooper (Page 3) by GraWolfQuinn Party Pooper (Page 3) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 973 246 my motivation at this point by Louminouz my motivation at this point :iconlouminouz:Louminouz 89 7 Tord x Edd by lizette24 Tord x Edd :iconlizette24:lizette24 64 1 Why is there two?! by Silenthilllz Why is there two?! :iconsilenthilllz:Silenthilllz 14 8 Pull the trigger by Kageniec Pull the trigger :iconkageniec:Kageniec 238 7


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Ello people!!! I'm Hyper social Lazy And stuff!!! i have three dogs and two (Dead ;-;) cats.... Well any who Chow!!!


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