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Ashley's Ritual
(Ashley prepares her potion)
Wario: "So you're sure this will break it?"
Ashley: "A proper ritual of magic should shatter Galeem's barrier, but I still need some ingredients..."
Waluigi: "Such as...?"
Ashley: "The hair of a virgin...Quick question, what's a virgin?"
Waluigi: "I got this..."
(Plucks a hair from Wario's mustache and drops it into the cauldron)
Wario: "Ow! Why didn't you just use your own hair!?"
Waluigi: "I would if I hadn't given your mother a ride on the Waluigi Express last year..."
Wario: "You don't even own a train, and what does that have to do wi-(The creeping realization hits him)AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"
Ashley: "So a virgin is someone who owns a train?"
:iconscreaming-sheldon:Screaming-Sheldon 5 57
Aqua's Students
(After driving off the attacking Heartless, Aqua turns her attention to...)
Sora: "Whoa! You-You cut through that thing like it was nothing!"
Aqua: "Oh, it was nothing. Now about your stunt. It takes bravery and/or foolishness to try and take on the Heartless with a wooden sword. Now that they're gone, let's get you back to your parents."
Sora: "That's just it, I was trying to fight them after I saw what they did to"(Goes silent and tears up a bit)
Aqua: "Oh...I see..."(Pats Sora on the shoulder)
Sora: "I wanted to save them, but I couldn't, and I tried to get back at those things, but..."
Aqua: (Hugs him)"I know how it feels, losing someone close to you, or even two..."
Sora: "You do?"
Aqua: "It hurts...Tell you what, I was actually looking for a new home. Need someone to look after you?"
Sora: "I...I guess...What's your name?"
Aqua: "Aqua, and yours?"
:iconscreaming-sheldon:Screaming-Sheldon 4 0
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Spooky's Hellish Poems
Deep in Hell, the worst of the them all,
Suffer and scream, into fire they fall...
No matter how much their torment hurts,
Their screams and pleas will never be heard...
Shou Tucker made monsters of his kin,
No remorse for this blatant sin...
Now he's the one broken, misshapen...
Team Rocket thought they belonged at the top,
But soon their existence just had to stop...
Forever burning, in a pit so hot...
Gilgamesh, thinking himself so strong...
He did EVERYTHING that people call wrong...
Now he's fighting for his life, all day-and-night long...
Ryoba Aishi, heart cold as a rock,
In her basement, she'd keep her Senpai locked...
But on Slaughter-Me Street, SHE'S the one being stalked...
William Afton delved into child-slaughter...
Now he's animatronic-fodder...
Death by chickens? What could be odder?
Mercury Black, cruel 'til the end...
He had no idea what was around the bend,
Now he's alone, no family, no friends...

Spooky: "Sometimes, you can still hear their screams..."
:iconscreaming-sheldon:Screaming-Sheldon 2 2


Nascar221 is infamous for making self-insert love interests. Provided those things don't really annoy me unless they're forced and get uncomfortable, like shipping yourself with someone younger or changing the story just so you get what you want, then it gets on my nerves, and that's coming from a guy whose made some stupid stuff over the years out of curiosity or boredom. That being said, he favorited one of my works and now I feel uncomfortable, is it to harsh to block him without proper provocation?
I might be gone for a while, I can't say for sure, but my laptop is getting kinda buggy and I need to replace a part. I'll come back on Deviantart when I can.
I just tried to look for art of Helpy X Dee Dee...Should I be worried about myself or the lack of fanart of the two?
I'm writing my idea for a Cuphead Extra-Hard Mode, and there will be less boss-fights.
Two big characters in my canon who have their own pages on my gallery are Homer and Pandora, and I'm kinda tryin' to set up some stuff with them. Homer's Archives has QNA's and fun facts, while Pandora's Madness has Hypnosis RP's and TF art.

Not as spot-on as I thought...


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