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Me and my mother have been looking at apartments up in Cincy and we have come to a decision for a nice apartment flat with a man from Chec. Republic living in the bottom floor, as we live on the top floor. it has a small padio, and it is KINDA tiny, so who knows, I might give some things away/donate! nice Kitchen, nice 2 ROOMS, instead of the usual one to share.

The papers should be signed on Monday, meaning Im renting, with my mother 2 apartments at once. So if I cant go hang out or whatever, probably why.

Even trying to convince mom for me to adopt a dog....not a puppy, a dog. A small to medium sized dog, and I have been looking on petfinder.com (great for looking for certain breeds, and the adoption price isnt BAD AT ALL!) Found a Corgi, Im interested in, but thats all about now.

We dk about that at this point, but trust me Im rather excited. I cant wait to get out of Oxford, and take some control of life, and do something worth a bit.

Wish me luck, I suppose! :D
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