So......Im addicted to Pokemon....

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658 Views guessed it...I went out and bought a DS....and Soul Silver....AND a used copy of Saphire (PLEASE tell me there is a way to trade from that game!!!! the old game has KICKASS pokemon!!!) know who you are that is going to help my pokemon witch is like 2...Rattat that is named Willm(I accidently deleted the a after the m) and Flamer, my Cindiquil...

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Finally! XD
You can't really trade to other games, unless its the same generation... But I think you can put them in the safari-zone and get them from that in other games. I'm not sure. :P You'll have to ask Peter, he knows. XP
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AWESOME, cause this dude who had the saphire has fucking LEGANDARYS I could level the fuck up fast with em.
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lol this sounds like a sport group XD

"Hi, my name is Daryl and I'm addicted to Pokemon" XD hahaha
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do you mean support? XP
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BELLSPROUT FOR AN ONYX IS THE BEST TRADE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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dude I went out, found a bellsprout, and was like CATCHING YOU AND TRADING YOU LIKE ITS A SLAVE MARKET....ZING!
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You feel promiscuous? XD
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its pokemon wouldnt you? :P
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