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March Into the Sea Part 1 MM

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This is Based on the Song March into the Sea by Modest Mouse (part of my CD project.) And partually Alice in Wonderland...As you can see my horribly drawn Do Do Vietnam Vet style crossed with train ticket collector. -

Behind him is a Rat, pissed, and doing the "peace" sign popular in Britain as a "Fuck off" jesture.

And Behind Him, is a Flea playing an that was HARD to draw. As I have never drawn A. a flea B. a flea wearing cloths familar in the 30s to 40s, and finally C. a flea wearing 30s - 40s era cloths playing an acordian...and to be honest...idk who has before me.

I hope to do a little more for this as an add on in Photo shop, but hell It might not happen. Time Will Tell.
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ahaha the flea!