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EGO the movie poster..lame.

This is a movie version of Ayn Rand's "Anthem." Witch my class and I where forced to read ( can you say Irony?) anyway, the book sucks, the character (who is some how to repersent human nature and creativity) is some how doesnt seem to be emotonally attached to "his golden one," Selfish, and is overly attached to his "invention."

Witch is the RE inventing of the light bulb. Ok, I dont mind it at the beggining where he was an idiot, I really dont. But, once he gets educated, he is still as ignorant and selfish as the begging..and honestly hasnt learned anything WORTH learning besides going for yourself (and yeah, he rather hang with a light bulb box than his girl, witch is an issue in my opinion.)

And the Female lead character is as dumb as they can get. Ayn Rand treats her as a lost dog, who cant think for herself, but some how, in a society where no one is really not allowed to do shit, a guy figures the world out by a few books and

Theres a reason I used Tom Cruise as the lead.
Just saying

rant over...lesson is, this book sucks..and it was lame as the day is long.
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speilberg is perfect. :iconimpressedplz: